Best MMA Mouth Guards [2022 Selection]

When facing tough MMA fighters (and they are beasts), it is almost impossible to not get hit in the mouth multiple times.

Fighters who say MMA mouth guards aren’t necessary probably have not experienced strong hits to the mouth.

If you are thinking about getting into a combat sport like MMA, things that might have you suffering dental injuries, tooth breakage, and jaw dislocation are bound to happen.

As such, it’s best to keep your mouth and jaw protected using the best mouth guard for MMA on the market. Here are reviews of five such products capable of protecting your jaw, mouth, teeth, and gums when you participate in MMA training or bouts.

ProductHighlightsCheck Price
Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard (Best Overall)Comfortable, secure fit
Check Price
Venum Challenger Mouthguard (Best for All Contact Sports)Superb breathabilityCheck Price
SISU Aero Sports Mouthguard (Best Protection)Absorbs more impact from hits or strikesCheck Price
Champs Breathable Mouthguard (Best in Breathability)
Designed for maximum breathability and protectionCheck Price
Safejawz Mouthguard (Best for All Ages)Makes use of revolutionary fitting technologyCheck Price

MMA Mouth Guard Reviews

1. Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard (Best Overall)

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When it comes to mouthguard technology, Shock Doctor is one of the best. This all-black item offers both protection and performance with its shock-absorbing front bumper and suitability to a wide range of contact sports outside of MMA.

Is this the best mouth guard for MMA, though? That remains to be seen.

Product Highlights

Fighters wearing braces don’t have to worry because their needs are covered by the Shock Doctor Pro. In general, if you are an athlete, you will find this mouthguard beneficial in more ways than one.

More than anything, it can safeguard you from concussions, which are especially prevalent in today’s world of football, boxing, and MMA. It is also suitable for jiu-jitsu, hockey, and lacrosse athletes whose respective sports are no stranger to brutality.

One has to accept that fights can be part of high-impact sports culture, particularly in mixed martial arts and boxing. In mixed martial arts, you need to arm yourself with both a mouthguard and headgear to reduce the risks of injury.

Sure, you might get injured regardless, but wearing protective items gives you the chance to recover from the injury. Without them, it is anyone’s guess what becomes of your health and career.

This mouthguard fits comfortably and can be reformed when necessary. Its $10,000 worth of dental warranty should also remove any doubt of its efficacy with oral prosthetics.

The Good

Athletes who have made orthodontic investments can be confident that this mouthguard won’t do anything to ruin that. It can fit securely around your teeth even when you have braces.

The Bad

Youth sizes run small, which may require you to purchase adult sizes for kids older than 10 years. Also, while the mouthpiece fits well generally, it may not fit correctly in some mouths.


  • Works well with braces
  • Comfortable, secure fit
  • Suitable for other contact sports
  • Sizes run small
  • Might not fit securely in some mouths


2. Venum Challenger Mouthguard (Best for All Contact Sports)

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Venum throws in their challenger for the best mouthguard for MMA with this all-black adjustable mouthpiece designed for optimal breathing. You will have no problem showing your best game in the octagon with this kind of protection.

Product Highlights

Many physical sports require athletes to have some form of mouth protection. Whatever sport you are playing, whether that’s boxing, MMA, football, or lacrosse, this high-quality mouthpiece has got you covered. It is designed to safeguard the lips, gums, arches, and jaw from harm or injury.

In case you take multiple hits to the mouth and jaw area, you can count on the Challenger to keep the damage at a minimum. This mouthguard helps improve fight performance, thanks to its optimal design.

What’s impressive is that it addresses any breathing issues people might typically experience with mouthpieces. It also considers the level of impact your mouth and jaw areas may receive during a fight.

It should be easy to pack this product with the rest of your MMA gear because of its quality carrying case.

The Good

Optimally designed to aid in breathing and improve performance in the octagon. It also fits perfectly and doesn’t harm your teeth. If you are worried about feeling any kind of pain from fitting this mouthpiece, don’t be because it’s absolutely painless.

The Bad

If you train intensely for a few months using only this mouthguard, there is a chance you could wear through the upper and lower sections quickly.

But is this enough to keep this model from becoming the best MMA mouthguard? That depends on how the other items on this list fare.

  • Superb breathability
  • Works with different contact sports
  • Comes with a high-quality carrying case
  • Doesn’t hurt the teeth
  • Can wear down with intense training
  • Makes it difficult to have a conversation


3. SISU Aero Sports Mouthguard (Best Protection)

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Ever heard of a mouthguard with less material but offers more protection?

That sounds like an excellent candidate for the best MMA mouthguard, without a doubt.

Well, that’s what the SISU Aero Sports mouthpiece offers with its revolutionary design for maximum protection.

Product Highlights

When it comes to thinness, nothing comes close to the Aero Sports Mouthguard by SISU. It’s incredibly unobtrusive that you almost feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

Despite feeling like an insignificant mouthpiece, this product actually delivers more protection than most high-quality options on the market.

It also absorbs nearly twice as much force from hits and strikes compared to a standard mouthguard.

Furthermore, since it is a smaller product, it should help you converse easily with your team. It will also help you breathe better on the octagon, which can be the key to winning a fight.

This mouthguard has perforations that are responsible for its protective qualities. These structures are what absorb the shock from impacts to the mouth and jaw area.

The Good

The technology behind the SISU Aero Mouthguard is what stands out the most about this product. It is built with perforations that redirect the energy from strikes to the mouthguard instead of the teeth.

That way, only less than 10 percent of the impact actually makes it to the teeth and gums.

The Bad

If you are a grinder looking for relief instead of an athlete looking for mouth and jaw protection, this product’s performance may fall below your expectations.

Sure, it should fit securely around the teeth and stay there, but at times, you will feel that it might stay there permanently.

If you happen to accidentally leave this product in your mouth too long, there is a good chance it will mold to your teeth and become almost impossible to remove.

  • Non-intrusive size
  • Absorbs more impact from hits or strikes
  • Designed for maximum protection
  • Molds to your teeth when worn too long


4. Champs Breathable Mouthguard (Best in Breathability)

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In the realm of MMA, one needs a breathable mouthguard that offers the highest level of protection. Not only does the Breathable Mouthguard by Champs fit this description, but it also goes the extra mile by meeting the needs of athletes pursuing other types of combat sports.

Could this be the best MMA mouthguard you’re looking for?

Product Highlights

We can never put enough emphasis on fit where MMA mouthpieces are concerned. For an athlete, there’s just so much riding on how a mouthguard fits and feels around your teeth.

If a mouthpiece feels even the slightest bit awkward, it could throw you off your game completely. Plus, if you insist on fighting while wearing an ill-fitting piece, you could end up in the losing end real quick.

Well, these concerns shouldn’t bother any user of the Champs Breathable Mouthguard. Not only does it fit like a glove, but it also offers maximum protection.

It is designed to feel comfortable in your mouth and help you breathe properly in the intense environment of the octagon.

If you are interested in pursuing other forms of combat sports, like jiu-jitsu, boxing, or Muay Thai, you don’t have to worry about getting another type of mouthpiece.

This one will fit the protective requirements of those contact sports just right. Also, you will have no trouble getting a good bite that secures this unit to your mouth because of its soft-gel inner layer.

Finally, this piece is designed with three holes for maximum airflow, letting you breathe with ease and have a clear conversation with your team.

The Good

The breathability factor is where this product shines. The intensity in combat sports is such that even in training, breathing can be an issue.

The intensity in the octagon easily doubles that in practice, which is why athletes will find this Champs unit a godsend.

It is this unit’s three holes that really let you breathe properly and allow oxygen to circulate throughout your entire body during a fight. For most fighters, that can be key to claiming victory.

The Bad

This piece has the tendency to mold a little too tightly around your teeth, rendering the three breathing holes useless. Make sure you pick a size that’s not too tight and eliminates this product’s breathability advantage.

  • Designed for maximum breathability and protection
  • Soft-gel inner layer provides extra cushion
  • Suits all kinds of combat sports
  • Sizes run small
  • Tends to form around teeth too tightly


5. Safejawz Mouthguard (Best for All Ages)

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Here’s a mouthpiece that fits all ages and works for all kinds of contact sports. It prides itself on the Fluid Fit technology, which makes the piece mold around the contours of the teeth to create the perfect fit. Now, we’re really getting closer to finding the best MMA mouthguard.

Product Highlights

Who wants to pay for a unit that doesn’t even fit correctly? Just in case you feel that way about this product, the company is prepared to give you a full refund. Although this is unlikely to happen for the following reasons:

  • Fluid Fit Technology – Ensures that the mouthpiece molds around your teeth and gums perfectly.
  • ReModel Tech – Allows you to fit multiple times until you achieve the perfect fit.

With these fantastic features to address fitting issues, there’s almost no chance you will be returning this unit to the company.

To top it off, it promises to provide maximum protection with its preformed base called JawSecure. This feature minimizes the impact on your jaw when you bite down on the guard.

While most mouthguards are an inconvenience to wear, the Safejawz mouthpiece eliminates any discomfort to the user with its anti-gag technology.

Yes, guards sometimes trigger our gag reflex, which can completely put us off mid-fight. The item’s ultra-slim inner layer ensures that there is minimal interference while the user is playing.

There is also the fact that it can meet the needs of almost any contact sports athlete outside of MMA. So, if you are interested in dipping your toes or fully pursuing some other contact sport, there would be no need to purchase another mouthpiece.

The Good

Everything that is amazing about this mouthpiece revolves around the fitting. Fluid Fit and ReModel tech make this guard a sure fit in almost any scenario, regardless of the user’s age and choice of contact sport.

The Bad

You won’t want to put this unit in the water too long for the risk of deforming it. This takes away any fitting advantage this mouthguard has over standard mouthpieces. There’s no way it will sit securely in your mouth from this point on.

  • Makes use of revolutionary fitting technology
  • Ultra-slim inner layer ensures minimal interference
  • Fits all ages and contact sports
  • May deform when placed in the water for too long


mma mouth guard

Buyer’s Guide

Whether searching for a generic or custom mouthguard, there are essential features to look into. Assessing these qualities in a mouthpiece helps ensure you end up with a worthy purchase.

1. Size

A dependable mouthguard has to fit just right, so picking the right size is crucial. Whether you are training or fighting in a competition, the ideal size can help improve performance.

That’s because it lets you breathe properly and converse with your team with ease.

When a unit fits correctly, it is also able to offer maximum protection. Remember that a piece that’s too large for your mouth may affect your breathing.

On the other hand, a guard that’s too tiny won’t let you experience its full protective benefits.You will be on the losing end, either way.

Lastly, a mouthpiece that fits snugly around your teeth’s upper portion doesn’t need to be held in place by clenching. It will remain in place securely regardless of the movements you make.

2. Comfort

When shopping for a mouthguard, it’s crucial to look into how comfortably the unit fits around your teeth and gums. Boil and bite mouthpieces are products you need to make sure are molded in accordance with your mouth’s dimensions.

If it molds effectively around your teeth, then it should be comfortable to wear.If you get a mouthpiece that fits comfortably, it will stay in place no matter how much you move around.

You also want to remember that comfort is felt when the piece fits perfectly and not when it is too loose or tight.

3. Custom and Boil-and-Bite Mouthguards

Boil-and-bite mouthguards are the most common. They are composed of a special material that softens when placed in water, bends under pressure, and turns solid for protection. They are also pretty cheap, which allows you to get good value for your money.

Of course, the reason why they are super popular among today’s combat sports athletes is their ease of use. When molded properly, they can deliver as well as a high-quality piece. That’s the advantage of boil-and-bite mouthguards.

As for the downsides, they are pretty much rendered useless when not molded the right way. Conversely, custom mouthguards barely give their wearers any fitting problems.

That’s because they are usually made to meet the size requirements of all ages and work for most contact sports.

Having a manufacturer tailor a mouthguard to meet your specific needs can take a few weeks, so it’s naturally going to cost a higher amount.

Of course, their higher price is not just because of the time and effort it takes to make them but also the high-quality materials used in the process.

Nevertheless, you can guarantee that these higher-end products will fit you like a glove. They also make use of technology that addresses the limitations people typically experience with standard options.

Most of them will perform outstandingly in terms of breathability, protection, and fit.


1. Do MMA fighters wear mouth guards?

In the realm of combat sports, athletes usually wear minimal gear. Also, whatever piece of gear they do wear usually functions for protection. Protecting the mouth, jaw, gums, and teeth is critical in MMA, so, yes, MMA fighters do wear mouthpieces.

Here are some of the reasons why MMA fighters must wear a high-quality mouthpiece that fits perfectly:

  • MMA has the highest injury rate among all full-contact sports.
  • More than 65 percent of fighters sustain an injury.
  • Almost 60 percent of the injuries suffered are dental injuries.

2. What mouthguards do MMA fighters wear?

While boil-and-bite mouthguards work for training sessions, they are too risky to wear to a real bout. In the most brutal MMA scenarios, fighters want to secure their teeth, gums, and jaw with the best kind of protection.

This is likely only achieved using custom mouthguards by brands like Venum, Safejawz, Champs, SISU, and Redline.

Of course, this isn’t to say boil-and-bite mouthpieces are entirely useless. On the contrary, they are great for those still finding their way around MMA.

Still, if you want a product that’s almost guaranteed to fit perfectly and works with virtually any type of contact sport, you are not likely to get it with the cheaper option.

Lastly, those who plan to take MMA seriously should get themselves used to wearing higher-end mouthpieces from the onset. Their comfort, breathability, and protective qualities help beginners develop their games better.

3. Do mouthguards prevent knockouts?

Using a mouthguard, one can bite down solidly and help stabilize his or her jaw. And this can cause the neck muscles to tense up.

So, can a mouthguard prevent knockouts, then? No, it can’t. It won’t even keep you from getting a concussion, let alone prevent you from getting knocked out in the octagon.

Scientifically, this is because strikes to the head, and not the jaw, result in knockouts. Concussions and knockouts occur when a considerable amount of force impacts your brain and reverberates into the skull.

Mouthguards are nowhere near that area, so it’s safe to say they can’t do anything to prevent you from hitting the ground and losing consciousness from a forceful blow.

4. Do all mouth guards have to be boiled?

There are three main types of mouthguards, with only one needing to be boiled before it can be worn. If you think we are referring to the boil-and-bite mouthpiece, you’re not mistaken.

The custom and stock mouthguards can be used right after they are bought and don’t need to be subjected to the boiling process.

When boiling, make sure to submerge the mouthguard for only less than a minute. Boiling longer than that can cause the material of the guard to melt and fit poorly.

If you have some kind of orthodontic investment, don’t boil the guard longer than 30 seconds. Doing this would cause it to mold into the crevices of your braces or other dental prosthetics.

5. Are double mouthguards good?

Those who have difficulty keeping their mouths closed during sparring or training sessions and have excellent dental structure should consider wearing a double mouthguard. The same goes for athletes wearing braces or other dental prosthetics.

While double mouthguards edge out single ones in terms of protection, they pretty much underperform versus their counterpart in breathability and fit.

Which Mouth Guard Is Best?

A good MMA mouth guard should fit comfortably and offer excellent breathability. These are benefits you can acquire from any of the boil-and-bite and custom options on our list.

However, you can count on our winning product to deliver on both these aspects and more.

As hard as it was to choose a winner, when it came down to it, the Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard really wowed us with its all-impact-sport feature.

It is also an extremely breathable mouthpiece that integrates advanced breathing technology to make breathing easier and take high-impact performances to the next level.

The mouthpiece also goes the extra mile in terms of protection. This is all thanks to its shock-absorbing bumper that absorbs the hardest strikes and hits.

Lastly, it’s structured to work well with braces and other dental prosthetics, so there’s no need to worry about ruining your orthodontic investment.

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