Best Jump Ropes 2022 [Lightweight & Fast]

Best Jump RopesJumping rope is a classic exercise that almost everyone did in PE class as a kid. However, it is all too often overlooked by adults when it comes to getting exercise.

The nature of jump roping means that it doesn’t take much space or any expensive equipment to get a great workout.

Jump rope provides a wide variety of benefits that extended well beyond just cardiovascular health.

In addition to being excellent conditioning, jumping rope can improve posture by strengthening the muscles of the shoulders and upper back.

To help you pick the right jump rope, we’ve put together a list of eight top-of-the-line jump ropes as well as included some information regarding what makes a jump rope a good choice for you.

Best Jump Ropes of 2022

ProductTypeColorsLength, ftAdjustableWeight, ouncesFeatures
Survival and Cross Jump Rope (Editor's Choice)Survival and Cross Jump RopeFitness jump/ skipping ropeBlack10Yes2.4-Check Price
WOD Nation Speed Jump RopeWOD Nation Speed Jump RopeJump/ skipping rope for double undersBlack; Blue; Green; Grey; Orange; Pink; Purple; Red; Yellow11Yes1.4Extra cable and carrying bagCheck Price
Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope with Carrying Pouch Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope with Carrying PouchJump/ skipping rope for cardioBlack/Red10Yes5.6Training bookCheck Price
Crossrope Jump Rope Get Lean SetCrossrope Jump Rope Get Lean SetWeighted jump/ skipping rope for workoutWhite/Green8, 8.5, 9, 9.5No-Included speed rope and strength ropeCheck Price
Fit Skuad Jump RopeFit Skuad Jump RopeSpeed rope with extra-long handlesLiquid Green; Silver Bullet; Gunpowder Grey; Blue10Yes6Carrying bag, rapid results manual eBookCheck Price
Iheartsynergee Jump RopeIheartsynergee Jump RopeSkipping rope for beginnersElectric Green; Jet Black; Power Pink; Rogue Red10Yes8.2-Check Price
Green Toys Jump RopeGreen Toys Jump RopeJump/ skipping rope for kidsGreen; Pink7Yes4Resistance Bands, Resistance Loops, Jump Rope and Exercise SlidersCheck Price
Golden Stallion Jump RopeGolden Stallion Jump RopeWeighted leather jump ropeNatural9Yes17Removable weights, transport bagCheck Price

1. Survival and Cross Jump Rope – Skipping Rope for Cardio

The first jump rope we’ll be taking a look at is the Survival and Cross jump rope. This jump rope features an all-black cable with black handles that have a small white logo of the Survival and Cross brand.

There are also small chrome fittings that are used for adjusting the location of the handles along the length of the cable.

The cable is 10 feet in length, and each handle is roughly 5 inches long, making it easy to hold and comfortable for almost anyone.

The 10-foot total length of the cable that is included with this jump rope is too long for most people which is why the handles of the jump rope are pinched between small metal rings that slide over the end of the cable and are held in place by a single screw.

This adjustment system requires only a screwdriver to change the length of the jump rope and makes this a perfect jump rope for multiple people of different heights to share.

The handles of this jump rope also feature high-quality steel bearings that are designed for high-speed jump roping.

The relatively lightweight cable combined with these steel bearings makes this a great speed jump rope for cardio and conditioning, such as CrossFit or MMA warm-ups.

  • Easy to adjust
  • A 10-foot length of cable is suitable for even the tallest people
  • Bearings can wear out over time, especially if dust gets in them

2. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope – Ideal Rope for Double Unders

For those of you unfamiliar with CrossFit the term “WOD” stands for “workout of the day” since CrossFit programming varies daily, and every day a unique workout is designed.

Over the course of weeks and months, these workouts often utilize a wide variety of tools, including weightlifting and traditional cardio, which can include jump ropes.

WOD Nation is a widely-recognized brand that is known to produce high-quality products for CrossFit use, and this jump rope is no exception.

The handles on the WOD Nation speed jump rope come in at just over 5 inches in length and feature a unique design, which makes them not only adjustable but exceptionally easy to use.

Rather than having bearings contained inside the handles, these use small steel balls that hold the cable and pivot within a socket at the ends of the handle giving the cable more mobility and more movement than a simple ball bearing.

This jump rope comes with not one but two very long cables that can be adjusted and snipped down to an appropriate size for your height. This jump rope also comes with its carrying bag and is available in nine different colors.

  • Unique ball and socket mechanism allows for very fast and consistent double unders
  • Comes with 2 cables and a carrying bag
  • 9 available colors
  • The cable can stick out from the end of jump rope once adjusted and is hard to cut

3. Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope with Carrying Pouch – Comfortable Grips for Crossfit, Workout and Heavy Exercises

Next in our Roundup is the Fitness Factor adjustable jump rope with carrying pouch. This jump rope uses a tangle-resistant and durable rubberized cable rather than a steel one like our previous jump ropes.

This tangle-resistant cord makes the cable slightly heavier, allowing you to get a mixture of both speed and strength jump roping training. The cable on this jump rope is solid black while the handles are red plastic covered with black foam for comfort.

The handles feature a standard ball bearing at the end, allowing for free movement of the cable, and the ergonomic design of the handles themselves makes them both comfortable and easy-to-use.

The design of the handles on the Fitness Factor jump rope makes it easily adjustable, allowing anyone ranging from a 4 foot 9 inches to 6 foot 6 inches to easily use this jump rope, making it great for kids and adults of any skill level.

The jump rope also comes with its carrying pouch for taking it to and from the gym easily. The thickness of the padded handles, however, makes the handles somewhat large for some people making it difficult to get a grip sometimes.

  • Comfortable padded handles
  • Adjustable for anyone from 4’9″ to 6’6″
  • Thick handle padding can make grip difficult for some people

4. Crossrope Jump Rope Get Lean Set – Crossfit Rope for Maximum Weight Loss and Muscle Activation

Few people realize that jumping rope can be not only excellent cardiovascular exercise but can also train many muscles in the body. The weight of the cable that the jump rope is made of will determine how much of a cardiovascular or strength exercise it becomes.

This fact is capitalized upon by the Crossrope jump rope get lean set, which comes with both a speed rope and a strong rope with one set of handles. The slim handles are easy to hold onto and feature an easy to swap out the cable.

One of the included cables is a quarter-pound allowing for heart-pounding cardio workouts while the other one is a half-pound cable that allows you to train muscles in your shoulders and upper back.

The handles of this jump rope are comfortable and easy to use featuring standard ball bearings, which allow for easy and smooth rotation of either of the included cables.

Because of the attachment system for the cables, this jump rope is not adjustable, but rather comes in four different sizes for users of different heights.

The included cables, depending on height, range from 8-feet in length to 9 feet and 6 inches.

  • Two included cables of different weight for varied workouts
  • Comfortable handle design
  • Not adjustable and must be ordered in the right size

5. Fit Skuad Jump Rope – Extra Long Handles for Outdoor Training

The next jump rope we’ll be taking a look at is the Fit Skuad jump rope with extra long handles. The handles on this jump rope are 6 inches in length as opposed to the more standard 5-inch handles that most jump ropes have.

This extra length not only allows people with larger hands to easily hold the jump rope but also acts as a counterweight for your hand while you’re spinning the jump rope.

This counterweight function allows for greater speed and more consistent travel of the cable. The handles also feature a very thin foam, which makes them not only comfortable but easy to hold if your hands become sweaty during exercise or you happen to get them wet.

This jump rope comes with a long cable and is adjustable using a single screw. The Fit Skuad speed rope also comes with a carrying pouch and a rapid results manual ebook that gives you tons of information on jump rope workouts and weight loss.

The handles of this jump rope feature standard ball bearings that allow for smooth and fast jump roping and is comfortable to use. This jump rope is also available in five colors, including silver, grey, red, blue, or green.

  • Extra-long handles allow for comfort and speed
  • Thin padding is easy to grip even when it gets wet
  • Very light cable does not provide enough resistance for some users

6. Iheartsynergee Jump Rope – Speed Rope for Beginners

The iHeart Synergy jump rope boasts a simple design, a comfortable grip, and a ton of accessories for a great price. This jump rope comes with two 10 foot cables and a pair of easily adjustable handles.

The jump rope is set up by simply threading one of the two cables through a hole in the top of the handle and tightening a screw-down on top of it.

This makes adjustments to the length of the cable quick and easy, and this set comes with six screws, six end caps, and two cable ties for keeping the cables manageable and tangle-free while they’re not in use.

The handles use fastball bearings allowing for exceptional speed in your workouts and are great for MMA warm-ups or CrossFit workouts.

The handles feature a black foam wrap that has a similar texture to a tennis racket, which is comfortable for some but too thick and can be slippery if wet for others. This jump rope is also available in a variety of colors, including green, red, and pink.

  • Comes with two 10 foot cables, two cable ties, 6 adjustment screws, 6 end caps, and a carrying pouch
  • Foam wrap can be thick for some people and might be slick when wet

Synergee Jump Rope

7. Green Toys Jump Rope – Great First Jump Rope for Kids

Next on our list is a jump rope that is specifically designed for use by children who might be just learning the importance of exercise. This jump rope comes with either green or pink handles, which are connected by a 7-foot length of actual rope.

The handles are made from a tough and durable rubber, which offers excellent grip even when wet. The ergonomic design of the handles is geared towards being held by even young children and makes this jump rope exceptionally easy to use.

The Green Toys jump rope is designed to be environmentally friendly in addition to child safety. The jump rope is suitable for children ages 5 and up and has an adjustable rope, which allows you to shorten the 7-foot cable length to an appropriate length for your child.

The handles are made of 100% recycled plastics, and the rope is made with 100% US cotton. The jump rope is also BPA-free, phthalates free, and non-toxic.

  • Great design for children
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • 7-foot rope length is not appropriate for use by most adults

8. Golden Stallion Jump Rope – Premium Quality Weighted Leather Jump Rope

For those looking for the most elegant and high-quality jump rope available, the final jump rope on our list is just what you’re looking for. The Golden Stallion jump rope has handles that are made from genuine wood that are excellently carved to feel great in hand.

The ergonomic shape makes the wood handles easy and natural to hold. The rope is made from durable genuine leather and just the right weight to offer an exceptional jump-roping experience.

The bottoms of the handles on the Golden Stallion jump rope can be removed with a simple flat-head screwdriver, allowing you to add or remove included weights into the handles.

This adjustable weight feature allows you to determine how heavy and challenging you to want your jump rope experience to be. For a more cardiovascular workout, the weight can be reduced, allowing for greater speed.

Still, if your goal is to work the muscles in your forearms, upper back, and shoulders, then more weight can be added for a more challenging strength-oriented jump rope workout.

  • Excellent craftmanship
  • Made from real wood and leather
  • Adjustable weight handles allow for a variety of workout challenges
  • Leather and wood can deteriorate over time

Buyer’s Guide

Many times the differences between one jump rope and another are subtle and can often be overlooked by people who might not be entirely familiar with jumping rope.

The subtle yet important differences include the weight and type of cable, as well as the style of handle. While these things may not seem immediately obvious, they have a tremendous impact on how the jump rope feels and works.

To help ensure that you are buying the right jump rope for your needs, we’ve included some information about the types of jump ropes, as well as handle styles and some advice on what to look for depending on your experience level.

Types of Jump Roping

A little-known fact in regards to jump roping is that it is not only a cardiovascular workout but can also work the muscles of your shoulders, forearms, and upper back.

The degree to which this is the case is determined by the weight of the cable as well as the handles. Heavier handles and cables will cause it to be more challenging to keep the rope turning at a given speed, which will force your shoulders and upper back muscles to work harder while stabilizing your body and your forearms to work harder turning the rope.

A lighter rope will be able to move faster, forcing the user to hop at a greater frequency, which will result in a higher heart rate. The benefit of this is that you’ll warm up faster, making it great for before an MMA or CrossFit workout or just as conditioning on its own.

For those looking for a heavy rope that offers the strength benefits of jump roping, the Fitness Factory adjustable jump rope is a great option, and if you’re looking for a speed rope, the WOD Nation rope is a top Choice.

Some jump ropes can even be used for both types of jump roping, such as the Crossrope get lean set that comes with two swappable cables of different weights.

The Golden Stallion jump rope also features adjustable weight in the handles so that you can control what kind of jump rope workout you want.

Handle Size and Style

Most of the jump ropes on this list are adjustable in length, meaning that pretty much all of them will work for almost any height.

The handles, however, are wildly different in length and thickness, which makes a huge difference in how it feels in hand. For those with larger hands, the Fit Skuad jump rope features a 6-inch handle that has thin foam padding that makes it very easy to hold on to even when it might be wet from sweat.

Generally, thinner handles are easier for most people to grasp while thicker handles can offer a unique challenge to experienced jump ropers.

For those looking for a thicker handle, either to challenge their grip or for personal preference, the fitness Factor adjustable jump rope is a great option and has thick padding over the handles, which can be challenging for some to grip while others simply prefer the feel.

Experience Level

The final factor to consider when choosing a jump rope is what your experience level is and how comfortable you are with the timing of jumping rope.

Heavier cables will typically require more force to keep them moving and will, therefore, rotate more slowly and have a more consistent tempo.

This generally makes slightly heavier jump ropes a better choice for less experienced people looking to get into jump roping as a form of exercise.

Heavier jump ropes will also have greater benefits to posture, and most people will not be able to jump rope for as long at a time with a lighter and faster rope.

Wrap Up

If you’ve ever wanted to get in a heart-pounding workout while improving posture and even hand-eye coordination, then jump roping is a great option that doesn’t take much space and doesn’t require any expensive equipment.

We hope that this list of products and included guide has given you a clear idea of what kind of jump rope you need, and we guarantee that regardless of which one of these hand-picked jump ropes you decide to purchase, you’ll be pleased with the results.

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