Best Jump Rope for Kids 2022 [Suitable for All Ages]

In case you’re not aware, kids need regular physical activity, too. An hour of exercise each day will help not only with the development of their bones but also reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

In short, regular exercise will set them up to be healthier and stronger adults.

For a good cardio workout, get the best jump rope for kids. These affordable and colorful jump ropes are sure to help your kid grow up with a strong set of heart and lungs.

You don’t need to search far and wide to find the perfect pick, too. Here are the best jump ropes for kids on the market today.

ProductHighlightsCheck Price
OHYAIAYN Soft Beaded Jump Rope (Best Overall)Designed with anti-slip handlesCheck Price
Champion Sports Segmented Jump Rope (Best Budget Pick)Can fit two kid-sized jumpersCheck Price
Ponydash Two-Pack Kids Jump Ropes (Best for All Ages)Designed to address typical turning issuesCheck Price
HITOP Jump Rope (Best for Any Skill Level)Great for users of all agesCheck Price
BuyJumpRopes Beaded Jump Rope (Best in Durability)Perfect for beginnersCheck Price

Best Jump Rope for Kids Reviews

1. OHYAIAYN Soft Beaded Jump Rope (Best Overall)


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There is nothing like mommy and daddy joining in on the fun to make them favor skipping ropes over video games and social media apps.

Plus, let’s not forget that this rope set comes with two bright-colored items that any child won’t be able to wait to get his or her hands on.


Whether it is a child still getting into the game or an adult already on the threshold of doing an impressive one-hundred-skips-per-minute routine, this rope has them covered.

Its beaded design ensures there are no tangles, and you can skip away without a care in the world. The beads are also made of a material that is safe for little ones.

The weight of the soft-beaded rope is such that it can barely be felt when held and allows you to maintain its shape when swung over and around.

It also goes from an adult-size skipping rope to a kids’ version in a couple of minutes, tops. This isn’t an ordinary rope that you would need to cut to shorten.

It has an anti-slip handle that ensures even sweaty hands won’t interfere with your activities. It helps children jump longer and stronger, with minimal issues, even when they are just starting out.

It is also a two-pack, so skipping doesn’t have to be a solo affair. You can compare skips simultaneously and see who had the better results.

  • Safe and doesn’t tangle
  • Designed with anti-slip handles
  • Lightweight design makes swing shape easy to maintain
  • Soft beads can still hurt when they hit at high speed
  • Has adjustment limitations


2. Champion Sports Segmented Jump Rope (Best Budget Pick)

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These days, kids have a more challenging time focusing on fitness due to digital distractions. Hence, it makes perfect sense that jump rope manufacturers continually raise their standards to counter this perpetual change. After all, we can’t have our little ones growing into couch potatoes.

Enter the Segmented Jump Rope by Champion, which stands out not just for its affordability but also for its ease of use.

This is one of the few children jump ropes in its price category that can make kid and adult beginners alike really want to get into the game.


If one was holding a jump rope class for kids, he or she would want to hand out these beauties to each of the students.

These are premium, easy-to-use ropes that suit beginners just as well as advanced skippers. It has a traditional vibe going for it that old-school parents can’t seem to resist, too.

It probably reminds them of the times when all they did was skip to their heart’s content.

Sure, the segmented beads can be quite noisy, but that’s probably something you won’t mind outdoors. Not to mention, every rhythmic clash with the pavement can also help teach timing.

To a beginner, developing rhythm and timing is everything. Once you start getting the hang of both these things, progressing to more challenging moves, swings, or rotations becomes easier.

Get into the skipping game with your family and experience the best benefits of cardio and fitness using these cost-effective and beautifully designed ropes. Also, if your kids are just like their mom and dad, they will love the color on this.

  • Can fit two kid-sized jumpers
  • Easy, anti-slip grip
  • Weighted nylon helps for better rotation
  • Economically-priced
  • Requires extra care when turning due to weighted segments


3. Ponydash Two-Pack Kids Jump Ropes (Best for All Ages)

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This pair of lightweight jumping ropes can be adjusted to shorten their full length of almost 10 feet. One of the most durable children jump ropes in its price range, it can withstand months of intense skipping sessions with only slight hints of wear and tear. It also works as well for adults as it does for children.


A package case and carrying bag come with this awesome set of lightweight ropes. These are soft and suited for both kids and adults.

They are also perfect for all kinds of fitness training, from weightlifting and MMA to boxing and CrossFit. Before you and your partner get to the main event, use these ropes to get some much-needed conditioning.

If you are thinking about getting into home workouts, this rope is for you. It is perfect for those short 10- or 15-minute cardio sessions before your main workout. Those few minutes doing skips are enough to warm your body up and get it ready for a 30- or 45-minute home exercise program.

Prefer longer workouts that make you sweatier and messier? These ropes won’t mind them one bit, either. It is ergonomically designed to prevent palm sweat and turning difficulties.

Its four-step adjustment means it can meet your or your child’s length requirements in minutes.

Your teenage child shouldn’t have a problem finding the length that suits them, either. So, that’s pretty much all ages being catered to by this versatile set.

Lastly, if for some reason, you’re unhappy with the quality, you can have them replaced or refunded within six months of purchase. The best thing about that is the original items don’t even need to be returned.

  • Designed to address typical turning issues
  • Quick and easy length adjustment
  • Comes with a carrying bag and package case
  • Super durable
  • Not the best material
  • May be a little too heavy for some users


4. HITOP Jump Rope (Best for Any Skill Level)

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Kids and adults will love this blue-colored fitness rope that also makes an awesome holiday present. It is on the low end of the price scale, making it an excellent choice for parents who have more than one kid interested in getting into the skipping game.


This rope hits a maximum length of a little over nine feet. However, it can be shortened to meet the length requirements of a young teenager or a small child.

There are clips located at the ends of the handles that you can unlatch to adjust the rope length. This makes shortening and lengthening as easy as pie.

Want to know why it’s one of the best jump ropes for kids? It’s because there’s no need to do any cutting to adjust the length. Instead, a few seconds is all it takes to get it to the appropriate length for younger users.

Sweaty palms are an issue these ropes’ soft foam handles could take care of easily. The handles remain easy to grip even when your palms start gathering moisture.

Thanks to this and the rope’s anti-tangle mechanism, the jumper doesn’t have to worry about straining their hands and wrists or losing their grip on the handles when their hands get tired.

So, yes, you are free to burn those calories all you like without perspiration becoming a problem.

People of all ages and fitness levels will find this rope easy to use. Whether it’s a kid just getting into the skipping rope game or an adult looking to relive his childhood glory days at the playground, this rope delivers.

It also delivers impressively for amateur and professional athletes looking to make skipping a part of their training routine.

What makes this the perfect holiday gift? Well, for one, it’s blue, which happens to be everyone’s default favorite color.

Also, it’s a gift that encourages a person to take care of themselves, which shows how much the giver cares. The best encouragement to get fit and stay fit is the love of a friend or family member.

Lastly, we can’t forget the materials. They’re better than good; they’re fantastic. That’s because they’re durable and high-quality.

Even pro athletes who do the most brutal skipping sessions won’t have to worry about replacing their new rope too soon. This rope’s going to hold up well no matter how you choose to go about your skipping journey.

  • Excellent durability
  • Great for users of all ages
  • Doesn’t slip or tangle
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • May be a little too thin for some kids


5. BuyJumpRopes Beaded Jump Rope (Best in Durability)

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This colorful beauty has shatterproof segments that clash with the ground to create steady, rhythmic beats to help teach beginners timing. They are made for the outdoors, which is where jumping rope activities should truly be experienced.


This multi-colored number is too difficult for any child to resist. Not that you have to worry about that, though, since it has such a low price tag.

What’s more, its one-inch plastic segments are so durable that even years of intense skipping will barely wear them out. The braided nylon cord only improves this long-lasting quality.

Forget cutting; this rope can be shortened to the appropriate length within seconds. All you need to do is release the knots inside the handles, remove the desired number of beads, and tie the knots again.

Since you will probably be doing this outside, be careful not to misplace the beads. You’ll want to place them in an area that can’t be accessed by a teething puppy or a curious toddler.

Those unsure of what size to purchase should find the 10-foot version more than enough to meet their length requirements. Unless, of course, you need to adjust the rope to become longer because that cannot be done.

For sure, the rainbow patterns are going to be a hit at recess. A number of your kids’ classmates will be coming home from school begging their parents to get them the same model. Their teacher is definitely going to be hearing more “tick-ticks” during play or recess time.

The rope’s weight is also kid-appropriate. It won’t strain their little wrists and arms and will make it easy for them to maintain a steady swing shape. That should help guarantee comfort and a quick learning process.

Lastly, there’s the warranty, which is really one of the best things about this jump rope. If you are somehow unsatisfied with its performance, you can get a full refund or have a replacement sent within a year of purchase.

  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Colorful patterns are attractive to kids
  • Easy adjustment
  • Plastic segments can hit hard


Which Is the Best Jumping Rope for Kids?

The plethora of social media apps, video streaming platforms, and mobile video games can make it difficult for parents to focus their youngsters’ attention on fitness. However, with any of the five best jump rope for kids on hand, you might just be able to give your child the initiative he or she needs to play outside.

There is no doubt that each product on our list delivers for both kids and adults. They are all well-designed with tangle-free mechanisms and non-slip handles.

They also address safety relatively well, but there’s one product that really takes the extra mile on this matter.

The OHYAIAYN Soft Beaded Jump Rope set clinches the pinnacle spot because of its soft segments that offer just a little bit more protection. It sits on equal footing in pretty much all the other essential categories but edges away in the most crucial one.

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