Best Crossfit and Workout Gloves – Buyer’s Guide

Best Crossfit and Workout Gloves of 2022

ProductWrist supportPalm protects SizesColorsMaterialMachine washable
Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves (Editor's Choice)Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves+Silica gelS-XXLBlack; PurpleMicrofiber+Check Price
Skott Evo 2 Weightlifting GlovesSkott 2018 Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves+Anti-slip gelXS-XXLBlackLeather, rubberCheck Price
RIMSports Gym Women's GlovesRIMSports Gym GlovesLeatherXS-LBlack; Blue; Gray; Neon Green; Pink; Purple; Red; TurquoiseLeather and stretchy type fabric on back+Check Price
ProFitness Cross Training Men's GlovesProFitness Cross Training Gloves+SiliconeXS-XLBlack; Camo; Fire Red; Pink; Royal Blue; TurquoiseFlexible neoprene+Check Price
Bear Komplex 3 Hole Hand GripsBear KompleX 3 hole hand grips+Genuine leatherS-LBlack; Gray; TanGenuine leatherCheck Price
Trim Fit Life Full Finger GlovesTrim Fit LifeWindproof, Breathable WorkoutSilicone printXS-XXLBlackNylon+Check Price

1. Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves – Best All-Around Training Gloves For Men and Women

These are half finger gloves, made from cheap and affordable synthetic fabrics and other materials. You can buy these gloves in five different sizes, from small (S) to double extra-large (XXL). Color options include all black and black with lilac/purple lines. Trideer gloves are suitable for both men and women.

The design of these gloves make them ideal for guys and girls who do a lot of weight training. The padding on the gloves provides just the right amount of support for your hands. If you want superior traction, the silica gel layers on the palm and fingers offer just that.

As far as comfort and fit levels are concerned, the soft microfiber cloth used to construct these gloves provide a very snug fit. The fabric offers excellent protection on your palm wrist and fingers.

If you want extra wrist support, the Trideer gloves have a really long wrist strap to do just that. You have to wrap this strap around your wrists to get the intended effect. The straps have enough material to provide pain relief and prevent wrist popping when lifting heavy weights.

The main problem with these gloves is that wrist strap. At 18” inches, it is far too long. When you wrap it around your wrist, you can feel all that extra material. For many users, this will be an additional encumbrance. During certain lifts, these straps can potentially interfere with the free-range motion of your hands.

Another significant flaw is the poor quality velcro used on the wrist strap. You will be forced to adjust and then readjust the strap frequently, often right in between your workouts. This can get very irritating and might affect your focus in the gym. Overall, build quality is also not the best out there. Bits and parts will fall or peel off sooner rather than later, so beware of that as well.

All in all, Trideer has focused on delivering a pair of workout gloves with a lot of features at a very low price point. Corners have been cut, and the results are quite evident on these gloves. They are very versatile and should work for anybody who needs a pair of workout gloves for the gym, weight training, or CrossFit.

Support, traction, and hand protection are all there. What is missing is durability and fit and finish, especially in the wrist area. On the whole, this is a more than a decent product available at an alluring price.

  • Affordable pricing
  • Silica gel for grip
  • Excellent support for palm and wrist
  • Soft and comfortable microfiber construction
  • The wrist strap is too long
  • Velcro on the strap is weak
  • Not very durable

2. Skott Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves – Most Durable Gloves For Weight Training

Like the Trideer, the Skott Evo 2 is a weightlifting glove with added wrist strap and padding. The gloves are made from soft synthetic fabrics, with faux leather bits for extra padding and grip. These gloves are available in six sizes, from extra small (XS) to double extra-large (XXL). The only color variant available is a black and grey finish glove.

Build quality is where the Evo 2 scores heavily in comparison to some of the other gloves on the market. The stitching is of a high standard, with double stitching offering superior durability. The gloves have a lot of padding inside, which quite good for most weightlifting exercises.

The entire inner-palm area of the glove has a textured faux leather covering for maximum grip. There is also a wrist strap integrated into the body of the glove. You can wrap this strap securely around your wrist for additional wrist support. The velcro used on these straps is of excellent quality.

The wrist strap is not too bulky, which is a relief. Many brands commit the mistake of adding straps that are too long and bulky. This can affect the performance of the gloves. But the Evo 2 does not suffer this defect. There are a couple of easy pull-off loops on these gloves, near the fingers. If you want to remove the gloves in a jiffy, these cords can make that happen in a flash.

The padding in the palm area is a double-edged sword on this glove. While it offers excellent cushioning and comfort, it does have a negative impact during some workouts. If you are lifting fat bars, these gloves will make it harder to get a good grip. Avoid heavily padded gloves if you lift fat bars.

Another issue we encountered was the stiffness of the fabric. If you sweat a lot, these gloves will smell really bad. You will have to air them out often. We wish they had included some anti-bacterial treatment on these.

Overall, we were impressed by the build quality and durability of the Evo 2 from Skott. The extra padding makes these gloves unsuitable for lifting fat bars, but otherwise, they are a very solid choice for the average gym session. The grip is excellent, and the wrist strap also works without any hitch.

If you want an affordable pair of gloves for CrossFit or regular weight training, the Evo 2 offers a delicate balance between price and quality. It is suitable for both men and women, and come highly recommended.

  • Excellent grip
  • Available in many sizes
  • Durable stitching
  • Excellent wrist strap design
  • Value for money
  • Too much padding
  • Does not deal with sweat very well

3. RIMSports Gym Gloves – Best CrossFit Gloves For Women

These Gym Gloves are aimed primarily at women. Unlike most other workout gloves out there, you get a lot of choices when it comes to color. The RIMSport gloves are available in six colors, besides the regular black version. They are available in five different sizes, ranging from XS to XL. These are half finger gloves, made from a combination of leather and spandex.

We really like the look and style of these gloves. The various color options stand out due to the fit and finish levels. The combination of leather and spandex makes these gloves durable and comfortable at the same time.

The fastening system on these gloves also deserves a special mention. They use a diagonal latch made from premium quality velcro. Unlike the more horizontal wrist closure system used in ordinary gloves, these latches offer a more extensive range of motion.

You can use these women’s workout gloves for anything from weight training to CrossFit, due to their extreme versatility.

The black dye used in the fabric will spread if these gloves get wet. You will have to wash them a couple of times at the very least to put a stop to this. But the single biggest weakness of this product relates to the amount of padding on it. The palm area is adequately covered, but closer to the thumb, it merely does not have enough protection.

Though you can safely use these gloves for weight training, you will not get adequate protection in that thumb region. If you have a weakness in that part of your hand, these gloves are not safe for you. And since these gloves are on the thinner side, you might have to order one in a size that is smaller than your regular choice.

The RIMSports gloves have excellent design, outstanding build quality, and cute looks that work in its favor. On the flip side, you get thin padding and the risk of color runoffs. Even with those defects, these gloves are still worth a buy. If you want a pair of gloves designed primarily for women, the RIMSport Gym Gloves is probably the best product out there.

  • Designed for women
  • Stylish, available in bright colors
  • High-quality leather protection
  • Comfortable spandex construction
  • Not enough padding
  • Colors tend to bleed

4. ProFitness Cross Training Gloves – Best Men’s Gloves For Weight Training

These are unisex gloves made from flexible neoprene. The design is entirely different from a regular half finger glove, with only the palm portion being fully covered. The top of your hand is left bare. Color options include full black, camo, and black with several colorful trim options. Sizes range from XS to XL.

If you sweat a lot, these are the best workout gloves for you, period. The design delivers extra breathability, as the top portion of the hand is left almost entirely bare. And the gloves use neoprene, which has moisture-wicking properties.

The palm area also has a textured silicone padding for excellent grip and protection. The reinforced silicone does an excellent job of reducing the stress and pressure exerted on your palms.

Like many other workout gloves, these Cross Training gloves also get the ubiquitous wrist strap feature. With good quality velcro fasteners, the adjustable strap provides a snug fit for your hands.

These are some of the best-rated gloves out there, and for a good reason too. During our review testing process, we could not find any significant flaws. But it does have a significant red flag in our opinion. ProFitness calls these Cross Training Gloves. But they are more geared towards deadweights and lifting, based on our experience.

The design of the gloves hinders your motions during body movement exercises. In some instances, they were uncomfortable as they bunched up in the palm region. But for lifting, these offer excellent protection and performance.

Contrary to the manufacturer’s claims, these ProFitness gloves are better for guys and girls who are into weight training, rather than CrossFit. The build quality is excellent, and the neoprene gloves are exquisitely comfortable for those sweaty palms. Stay away only if you want a pair of gloves for CrossFit.

  • Breathable design
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Excellent silicon grip and padding
  • Very stylish gloves
  • Perfect for weight training
  • Not suitable for Crossfit

5. Bear Komplex 3 Hole Hand Grips – Best Gloves to Prevent Calluses

As their name suggests, these are not technically gloves. These CrossFit wraps only cover the palm region and do not cover any part of the fingers or thumb. The wraps are available in three basic sizes. As for color choices, you get a basic all-black variant, as well as black with color trim on the wrist strap area. These wraps are available in both two hole and three hole options.

Most of the gloves we reviewed so far were designed primarily for weight training. These Bear Komplex wraps, on the other hand, were made specifically for CrossFit. What you get with these wraps is superior traction and grip on the palm of your hand.

The build quality is top-notch on these gloves. They are made from genuine leather, which is a sure sign of premium build quality. The material is tough yet flexible enough to enable a full range of motion.

Another great feature of these wraps is the integrated wrist strap. Crossfit routines can be very punishing for your wrists, and these straps help reduce the pain. The velcro fasteners are excellent as well, offering excellent support.

Finding the right size can be a bit of a headache with these wraps. With regular spandex gloves, you would buy the smaller option if you are between sizes. But doing that with these leather wraps may lead to some discomfort. The leather takes time to “break-in,” and f you end up with a smaller size, it may not stretch enough to provide a comfortable fit.

Also, if you plan to lift weights, buy another glove with proper palm support. These wraps do not have enough support for weight training.

If you are into CrossFit, these leather wraps are probably one of the best options out there. Along with superb grip and build quality, you also get a very stylish and premium looking product. We highly recommend these Bear Komplex wraps, but only for CrossFit and gymnastics.

  • Perfect for CrossFit and gymnastics
  • Premium leather build quality
  • Excellent grip
  • Protects your palms
  • Not suitable for weight training
  • Finding the right fit not easy
  • Leather needs time to “break-in”

6. Trim Fit Life Gloves – Best Full Finger Gloves for Crossfit and Pull-Ups

These are fully covered workout gloves with a unisex design. Available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL, these neoprene gloves come in a single all-black design. Advanced features include water resistance, touch screen compatibility, and reinforced stitching.

Half and quarter finger gloves work very well indoors. But if you plan to venture into the great outdoors for your fitness routines, you need more protection for your hands and fingers. These Trim Fit Workout gloves are perfect for all kinds of outdoor training activities, including hiking, running, cycling, and skiing.

The gloves feature a blend of spandex and neoprene, which offers comfort and moisture-wicking ability in the same package. The fingertips of these gloves have been optimized to provide maximum accuracy while using modern touchscreen devices. For users of iOS apps and fitness trackers like Fitbit, this is a fantastic feature.

The gloves offer adequate protection, even in cold weather. The grip levels on these gloves are excellent as well, thanks to the textured silicone print on the palms. Despite adding all these features, they have managed to keep these gloves lightweight and comfortable on your hands.

Though they are very warm and comfortable in cold weather, prepare to be soaked if you wear them during rains. These are not really waterproof or even water-resistant. If you want to stay dry, you will have to wear some latex gloves underneath.

The silicone grip material is not very durable and will fall off with regular use. So they need to improve the fit and finish levels on these gloves. The sizing system is also somewhat inaccurate, as these gloves seem to run on the smaller side.

For regular outdoor use, the Trim Fit Life gloves should work just fine. We liked the touchscreen features and overall comfort levels. If they manage to improve the fit and finish, and sizing, these could very well get a five-star rating from us. But in the present condition, we would still give them four stars for value for money and practicality.

  • Excellent outdoor workout gloves
  • Can be used all year round
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Not water resistant
  • Size is not accurate
  • Grips are not durable

Buyer’s Guide/FAQ

Are gloves essential for workouts/CrossFit?

There is no hard and fast rule that states that you must wear gloves during your workouts. It all boils down to personal preference and your hands. Do the palms tend to sweat a lot? You might be safer with a good pair of weightlifting gloves.

Do you have sensitive skin that reacts pretty quickly to abrasions, cuts, and bacterial infections? If the answer is yes, a pair of gloves is highly recommended. They are also very useful if you want to avoid the formation of hard calluses in your palm.

Beyond these considerations, gloves may play a crucial part in helping avoid stress injuries in your palm and wrist area. They are not mandatory, but wearing them will only help you out. But feel free to avoid them if you dislike them.

In short, gloves have the following advantages:

  • Improves your grip, helps avoid slippery palms
  • More comfort, especially if you are outdoors in winters
  • Improved support and padding for hands and wrists

Okay, but are there any disadvantages with workout gloves that I should know about?

Yes, there is a flipside to this coin. Thick padded gloves add an extra layer between your hands and a barbell. And if you have tried lifting weights with thicker bars, you may have noticed some additional difficulty. So if you wear thick gloves during workouts like deadlifts,
the extra thickness may actually hinder your ability to perform clean lifts.

Gloves may also force the bar towards your fingers, away from the palms. In certain positions, like the shoulder press, you want the bar firmly in your palms, close to the wrist to avoid any injury. Some gloves may actually hurt you in the long run, as you end up holding the weight using your fingers.

These are two instances where workout gloves can work against you. Now you can see how important it is to choose the right kind of glove for your workout. And even when you are wearing gloves, you have to pay special attention to the grip during heavy lifting.

Essential Features In the Perfect Workout Gloves

There are four main features that you need to focus on when shopping for a pair of CrossFit or workout gloves:

Snug Fit

The gloves should allow free movement of your fingers and thumb. It should be tight or snug-fitting, but not too tight that blood circulation is affected. Pick a size that does not bind your palm. Also, make sure that you avoid any loose-fitting gloves, as these will prevent your hands from having a secure grip on the weights.


Workout gloves are crafted from a wide range of materials, including natural leather, synthetic fabrics, and materials like neoprene. If sweating is not a major concern for you, leather gloves are best due to their superior durability and padding. But if you do need to combat sweat, the moisture-wicking power of synthetic materials like neoprene make them the perfect choice/

Textured Surface

Modern workout gloves come with textured surfaces on specific parts of the palm and fingers. Often made of suede or rubber coating, these surfaces offer superior traction, which is essential during weight training.


There are two common types of gloves out there with different kinds of enclosures/fastening systems. Velcro and slip-on are the two common types. Of these, velcro is very easy to use and offers adjustable settings. They are the preferred choice for pros.


There are a plethora of workout options out there for the modern fitness enthusiast. You can enhance most of these routines using a well-designed pair workout or CrossFit gloves. There are various gloves designs out there at the moment, geared towards multiple routines like CrossFit, weight training, and other indoor and outdoor activities. For maximum effectiveness and safety, you should match the gloves with the activity they were primarily designed for. Always use snug-fitting gloves to avoid injury.

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