Best Wrist Wraps – Buyer’s Guide

Wrist wraps

Best Wrist Wraps of 2021 1. Grip Power Pads Deluxe – Best All-Rounder Wraps The Deluxe wrist wraps are 13-inch wraps made from stretchable fabric. They are also available in longer 18” variants. They have velcro fasteners that are quite thick when wrapped around your wrist. These wraps are sold in pairs. They come with … Read more

Best MMA Mouth Guards [2021 Selection]

mma mouth guard

When facing tough MMA fighters (and they are beasts), it is almost impossible to not get hit in the mouth multiple times. Fighters who say MMA mouth guards aren’t necessary probably have not experienced strong hits to the mouth. If you are thinking about getting into a combat sport like MMA, things that might have … Read more