Best Weight Lifting Straps 2021 [Strong Grip]

Best Weight Lifting StrapsDifferent people enjoy different types of workouts. For some, going for a run is the most satisfying way to stay in shape, but for others, there’s nothing more rewarding than breaking their records in the weight room.

At some point, however, your progress in the weight room will start to stall due to weak links, which for most people, is their grip.

Luckily, there are tools designed to help you train around this weakness until you can bring your grip strength up, so to help you reach new heights in the weight room, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best lifting straps available, and going over how to use them.

Best Weight Lifting Straps of 2021

Product TypeMaterialColorsSizeDimensions
W x L
Rip Toned Lifting Wrist Straps (Editor's Choice)Rip Toned Lifting Wrist StrapsWeight lifting straps for deadliftsCotton, NeopreneBlack; Blue; Green; Green Camo; Grey Camo; Orange; Pink; Pink Camo; Red; YellowOne size fits all1.5 x 23.5 inCheck Price
Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps and Lifting Straps BundleNordic Lifting Wrist Wraps and Lifting StrapsLifting straps bundle + lifting wrist wrapsCotton, NeopreneBlack with Aqua Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red or Yellow; Camo Green; Camo Grey One size fits allStraps: 1.5 x 23 in, Wraps: 3 x 14 inCheck Price
Anvil Fitness Lifting StrapsAnvil Fitness Lifting StrapsWrist straps for liftingNeopreneBlack; PinkOne size fits all1.5 x 22 in Check Price
Grip Power Pads PRO Level Lifting StrapsGrip Power Pads PRO Level Lifting StrapsWide lifting straps for deadliftsCotton, Neoprene, SiliconeBlack/RedOne size fits all2 x 24 inCheck Price
Grip Power Pads Deadlift StrapsGrip Power Pads Deadlift StrapsLifting straps for deadliftsCotton, NeopreneBlackUp to 6.5” wrist; up to 9” wrist; 9”+ and up wristLength: 10, 12 or 14 inCheck Price
Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting StrapsHarbinger Padded Cotton Lifting StrapsGym and workout strapsNylon, Cotton, Foam Black; PinkOne size fits all1.5 x 21 inCheck Price

1. Rip Toned Lifting Wrist Straps – Perfect for Weightlifting

To start our list, we have the rip toned lifting straps that are a great first pair of lifting straps, or an excellent choice for someone looking for simple and easy to use straps that aren’t likely to wear out any time soon.

These lifting straps do exactly what they’re made to do, and they do it well with their high-quality cotton construction and thickly padded stitching on all sides.

If you’ve ever used lifting straps for deadlifts or other heavy lifts, then you’ll know that the amount of friction placed on your wrists by the standard wrist strap is tremendous and can often result in a rug burn type red mark being left for quite a while.

The most obvious place where this imprint will be left is where the stitching of the cotton wrist straps is against your skin during the lift, but the Rip Toned lifting wrist straps use padded stitching that offers as much comfort as possible when doing heavy exercises.

These straps feature the standard design for most lifting straps, which consists of a straight piece of fabric with a loop at one end for feeding the other end through to create a larger loop for your wrist to go into.

The remaining length of fabric, once your wrist is in the loop of the strap, can be rolled around the bar to increase your grip strength tremendously.

To further improve the functionality of these wrist straps, they come in at 23 inches in length, allowing for ample material for even large wrists or thick bars.

These straps come in 10 colors ranging from a solid black to a variety of camo designs. This pair of wrist straps also come with detailed instructions and a rockin abs guide along with a low-carb diet guide and an FAQ about lifting straps.

  • Padded stitching and high-quality cotton makes for a comfortable lifting experience
  • A simple design is easy to use and reliable
  • Comes with several instructional booklets
  • Available in 10 different colors and designs
  • Does not have padding over the cotton on the inside

2. Nordic Lifting Wrist Wraps and Lifting Straps Bundle – 2 for 1 Deal for Workout and Gym Training

Next up is a two-in-one combo deal from Nordic lifting. This set comes with both wrist wraps as well as lifting straps that are both high-quality and come in a variety of designs.

The wrist wraps feature a piece of elastic spandex-like fabric that attaches to itself using a piece of velcro. For additional support, it also features a piece of high-quality cotton wrapped around the outside of the elastic.

To further help keep the wrist wraps in place during lifting, there is a thumb hole at one end to help the elastic stay in place even when under heavyweights.

Wrist wraps are used for exercises such as bench press or overhead press to provide additional support to the wrist and forearms to help prevent injury and make lifting even safer.

The lifting straps included in this set are of high quality and feature a traditional design made from a 23-inch strip of cotton.

On the inside, these lifting straps come with neoprene padding to help remove some of the stress off of your wrist and prevent the red abrasion marks that many cotton lifting straps can cause.

For those who prefer a more raw feeling, the neoprene padding can be easily ripped out, and doing so is even suggested in the included manual for these lifting straps.

The available colors include blue and pink, as well as several forms of camouflage, and the stitching on the straps is high quality and very durable, but can be a little coarse against the skin if the padding is removed.

  • Comes with both lifting straps and wrist wraps
  • Straps come with easily removable neoprene padding for comfort
  • Stitching is coarse and can be rough without padding

3. Anvil Fitness Lifting Straps – Superior Wrist Straps for Lifting

For those looking for a pair of simple padded lifting straps, the Anvil Fitness lifting strap is a great choice. These lifting straps are marketed as the last pair of lifting straps you’ll ever need thanks to their incredibly high-quality construction.

These are listed as Amazon’s choice for weight lifting wrist straps, which is based on the number purchased and user reviews, and feature neoprene padding on the inside of the cotton strap.

While the materials that the strap is made of are durable and high-quality, they are not the most comfortable pair of lifting straps out there. Many people tend to prefer lifting straps with no padding despite the tugging that they might cause, as straps without padding provide a sturdier grip and a better feel for the bar.

The integrated neoprene pad on the inside of these Anvil straps is 5 mm thick, which many people, counterintuitively, find uncomfortable, and the pad is stitched to the cotton, meaning it cannot be removed.

For someone using these straps for exercises such as rows or pull-ups, the thick padding might be comfortable, but if you plan to use the straps for heavy deadlifts or other maxing out exercises, it might be best to look for a pair that does not include padding.

  • Very thick neoprene padding some people find comfortable
  • Very durable materials will last many years
  • Thick padding can compress causing the straps to slide or feel loose under very heavy loads

Anvil Fitness Lifting Grip Straps

4. Grip Power Pads PRO Level Lifting Straps – Silicone Grip Enhancement for Deadlifts

If you find that traditional lifting straps that use cotton wrapped around the bar is simply not enough for the weight you’re using, then the Grip Power Pads PRO offers a solution.

These lifting straps are enhanced with silicone to further aid in gripping the bar under even the heaviest of loads.

Rather than just being plain cotton to wrap around the bar, these unique straps have small beads of silicone evenly spaced all over the gripping surface to ensure that the bar stays in your hands and will not slip out.

To offer even more grip, these straps are made extra long coming in at 24 inches to ensure that the straps are long enough to wrap themselves around the bar at least two to three times.

On top of the grip-enhancing silicone, these lifting straps are made from highly breathable cotton, ensuring your hands won’t get too sweaty during your workouts.

These lifting straps also feature neoprene padding on the inside that is soft enough to prevent chafing and blisters but is designed to be very thin so as not to cause any looseness in the straps when they compress under load.

These straps are ideal for anyone planning on doing heavy lifts such as deadlifts, or for those who often lose their grip when doing higher rep exercises like rows.

  • Silicone treated straps offer an incredibly strong grip
  • Cotton material is very breathable keeping your hands cool during your workouts
  • Thin neoprene padding is very comfortable
  • The extra length might be a bit unwieldy for people with small wrists

5. Grip Power Pads Deadlift Straps – Perfect for Powerlifting

The next pair of lifting straps we’re taking a look at is the Grip Power Pads deadlift straps. These straps boast a unique design that allows you to still train your grip to a greater degree than other straps while using them, as well as offering greater degrees of safety when trying to separate yourself from the bar if a rep is failed.

These lifting straps are constructed of a single strip of cotton that is wound into a continuous figure eight. This design creates two loops, and to use the straps, you put your hand through one loop, then wrap the middle of the figure-eight shape around the bar and put your hand through the second loop at the top.

There are two main advantages to this style of wrist wrap. The first being that while the straps prevent you from dropping the weight and assist in performing heavier lifts, they still allow you to use most of your grip strength rather than relying on them like traditional straps.

This helps develop greater levels of grip strength and more for musculature than traditional straps will.

The second benefit of this style of strap is that it’s easier to take them off at the end of the lift by simply letting your hands slide out of one end of the loop, which can offer slightly greater safety if you fail a rep of an exercise such as the deadlift.

The drawback is that it must be properly sized for the straps to work and provide any benefit at all. The Grip Power

Pads lifting straps come in three sizes, which are 60 cm for wrists of up to 6 inches in circumference, 70 cm for wrists of up to 8 inches in circumference, and 80 centimeters for wrists greater than 8 inches in circumference.

  • The unique figure-eight design allows for greater weight to be used but still trains your grip more than traditional straps
  • Easier to get on and off
  • Must be the right size or the straps will not wrap around the bar properly

Grip Power Pads Deadlift Strap

6. Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps – Best Replace of Olympic Lifting Straps

The last pair of lifting straps on our list are the Harbinger padded cotton lifting straps. These straps feature the standard design and use a slightly wider 1 and 1/2 inch cotton strap to improve the gripping performance further when wrapped around the bar.

Harbinger has also included its unique Neotek cushion on the inside of the straps to improve comfort and prevent chafing or blisters that can be caused by heavy lifts with straps.

This material is similar to neoprene, but is more dense, meaning it compresses less under load.

The reduced compression of the unique material means that they stay on tight even when a heavy load is applied to them, unlike other straps with padding that squishes down and causes them to become loose when lifting.

The straps boast a merrowed end tab to prevent fraying over time and have heavy-duty stitching that offers excellent durability and long life.

These Harbinger straps come in either black or pink and are a great deal for any lifter looking to get serious with their heavy lifts.

  • Dense Neotek padding stays on tight and doesn’t get loose
  • Extra-wide straps offer excellent grip
  • Stitching can rub on the wrist and cause abrasion

Buyer’s Guide

Before deciding on a pair of lifting straps to buy, it’s important to know when the best times to use them will be and what distinguishes each one. Below, we will discuss when to use and when not to use lifting straps, as well as which ones might be right for you.

When to Use Lifting Straps

DeadliftWith many heavy exercises such as deadlifts or rows, your grip is often the first thing to start failing.

If you allow this weakest link to continue holding you back, the other muscles of your back and legs might begin to lag as well.

If you start to notice that your grip is failing well before the other muscles in your arms or back when doing heavy or high rep pulling exercises, it might be time to consider using straps.

The straps will help you continue to push yourself every workout and reach new heights with your heavy lifts.

This can be especially important if your pressing movements, such as bench press or overhead press, continue to rise. At the same time, your rows and deadlifts are stuck as this can cause a muscular imbalance resulting in poor posture and even shoulder injury.

To prevent this, the muscles of your upper back need to be in line with the muscles of your chest and shoulders, and lifting straps are a great way to ensure that this balance is maintained while your grip is lagging.

When not to Use Lifting Straps

Many people, when they get their first pair of lifting straps, immediately start using it for every set of every exercise. Somewhat counterintuitively, this is not the best way to use your lifting straps.

Lifting straps should not be used for warm-up sets and should ideally only be used for sets that you would not be able to do without them.

This is because using them on every set will actually cause your grip to atrophy and weaken over time, causing it to become even more of a weak point.

You still want to be training your grip strength and the muscles in your forearms, and ultimately they should be able to catch up with the rest of your muscles.

Because of this, lifting straps should not be used on any set that you would normally be able to hold onto, including warm-up sets or generally lighter exercises.

The straps should only be used on exercises and at the weight that you would otherwise not be able to hold onto at all.

Which Lifting Straps are Right for You?

For those looking for a simple pair of lifting straps that will simply work and last them forever, the Anvil Fitness lifting straps are a great choice.

These feature high-quality construction and materials that are sure to last many many years of frequent use.

Alternatively, the Nordic lifting straps bundle is another great choice for a simple design. These lifting straps are also made from high-quality cotton that will hold together but also features a neoprene pad on the inside of the lifting strap, which can be easily removed to suit your needs.

The Nordic lifting straps come paired with some wrist wraps that can help you perform heavier sets of bench press or overhead press safely without risking injury to your wrists.

The wrist wraps are meant to be wound tightly around your upper forearms and provide additional support when performing presses, much like how lifting straps aid in pulling movements. Both the straps and wrist wraps are high-quality, and this bundle offers excellent value.

The final pair we would highly recommend is the Grip Power Pads Pro level lifting straps. These lifting straps are suited for very high-level lifters who are deadlifting hundreds of pounds and need the maximum amount of grip possible.

The pro-level lifting straps feature high-quality cotton that is very breathable to keep your hands cool and prevent you from sweating on to the bar.

Additionally, they feature a unique silicone design on the cotton, which further improves grip strength. The small dots of silicone evenly spaced around these lifting straps give them unparalleled friction with the bar, and they even feature an extra-long strap for wrapping it around the bar more times.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’ve been lifting for years, or are brand-new to the gym, lifting straps can help you reach new heights in a single day.

As soon as you start using your lifting straps for the first time, you’ll hit weights on many heavy exercises that you never expected to be hitting this soon.

It is important to remember, though, that you still need to train your grip, and neglecting your forearm muscles by using straps on every set can be detrimental to your training.

No matter which of the straps on our list you decide to use, we’re sure they’ll lead to new personal bests and will last you many years.

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