Best Weight Lifting Gloves of 2021 [Comfortable & Strong]

Best Weight Lifting Gloves of 2021

Product SexWrist supportColorSize 
Skott 2018 Evo 2 (Editor's Choice)Skott 2018 Evo 2 Weightlifting GlovesUnisex+Black/GreyXS-XXLCheck Price
Cobra Grips PROCobra Grips PRO Weight Lifting GlovesUnisex+VarietyOne sizeCheck Price
RIMSports Gym GlovesRIMSports Gym GlovesWomenVarietyXS-LCheck Price
SEEU Unisex GlovesSEEU Unisex Weight Lifting GlovesUnisex+Hot Pink, Red, SilverXS-XLCheck Price
LEBBOULDER Workout GlovesLEBBOULDER Workout GlovesUnisex+VarietyXS-XXLCheck Price
Bionic Full Finger Premium GlovesBionic Men's Premium Fitness GlovesMenGray/OrangeM-XXLCheck Price

1. Skott 2018 Evo 2 – The Most Protective Gloves

The first item on our list is the Evo 2 weightlifting gloves. The gloves feature contemporary 3D Unixes design and can be used by both men and women. The gloves are soft and comfortable on the inside, but protective on the outside.

The palm padding protects the palm area from potential injuries but also enhances the gripping power. The finger surface is gel printed, which also ensures that you have a firm grip while lifting weights. Each glove has a hook on the side, allowing you to store the gloves together, allowing them to breathe and dry.

Gloves are double stitched, which prolongs their durability and longevity. Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves feature pull off tab design, which makes it a lot easier to remove them from your hands once you’re done with exercising. You also have the Primary pull off tape for faster removal.

The gloves are perforated (in palms), which helps increase the glove’s breathability and reduce sweating. The knuckle area is padded and features protectors which prevent any injuries to the knuckles.

The gloves are also very adjustable, featuring industrial strength velcro tab, and ergonomically designed double wrap closure.

All in all, the gloves are affordable and well made. They are highly protective, durable, and feature anti-slip design. The only complaint we have regarding the product is confusing sizing.

Almost everyone complimented the design and built, but some people complained about their size, receiving gloves that are either too big or too small for their hands.

  • affordable, cost-effective
  • durable and double stitched
  • protective
  • anti-slip design
  • breathable
  • sizing is rather confusing

2. Cobra Grips PRO – The Most Durable Gloves

Cobra Grips PRO is highly sophisticated and extra-durable weightlifting gloves. They are among the most expensive gloves on our list but are well worth the price. They feature a unique design, which distinguishes them from most other products on our list.

The gloves are purchasable in only one size, but they do feature adjustable wrist wrap. They feature ample padding, which prevents slipping and chafing, allowing you to focus on strength and technique, rather than on worrying about slipping and injuries.

These gloves will fit anyone from 5.5 to 8.75 inches (regarding wrist size). The Cobra Pro version is made for men only, but they do feature women-only products too (such as the Cobra Fit).

Cobra gloves are very protective and ergonomically designed, emphasizing both comfort and safety.

The gloves are very elastic and flexible, which is very much needed in the world of weightlifting. According to the manufacturer, the purpose of these gloves is to take your mind off the grip, allowing you to focus on other muscles (such as your chest and back, which also participate in weightlifting).

It is also worth mentioning that the gloves come in various colors and materials (you can buy rubber or leather gloves).

Both are comfortable and durable, but we suggest the rubber ones since they allow more comfortable lockdown and gripping. The leather-made gloves are a bit bulky, but that’s the only downside of these gloves.

  • unique design
  • value for money
  • comfortable and protective
  • one-size design
  • leather gloves are slightly bulky

3. RIMSports Gym Gloves – The Best Weightlifting Gloves For Women

RIMSports Gym Gloves are very versatile gloves, suitable for weightlifting, cycling, even biking! They are purchasable in all sizes (X-small to X-Large), and you can also buy them in various colors. Note that these are unisex gloves.

There are a couple of things that make them suitable for weightlifting. For starters, they are breathable. Perspiration is the enemy of a firm grip, and this thin material prevents sweat induction during exercise. The gloves are made of spandex and leather, which makes them both elastic and durable.

They are padded on the side and on the palm area, which increases comfort and flexibility. The gloves are very lightweight and highly breathable and also feature diagonal velcro wrap, which helps hold the gloves in an optimal position.

But the most significant upside of these gloves is their versatility. Though we mention them in our weightlifting article, you can use them for a lot of different activities.

Even the colors are versatile, which can’t be said for most other gloves on our list. However, they aren’t perfect.

Thy color (paint) will fade away over a certain period. Now I know that the paint can’t last forever, but I feel it should last a bit longer than it does. Also, the stitching isn’t perfect.

While I do like the mixture of spandex and leather, the stitching would ensure even more extended durability. The good news is that they won’t fall apart even after a few stitches come out.

  • decent durability
  • very comfortable
  • excellent breathability
  • very versatile
  • stitching could have been better
  • paint fades quickly

4. SEEU Unisex Gloves – The Most Inexpensive Gloves For Training

SEEU Weight Lifting Gloves are purchasable in all sizes, in six different colors. These gloves feature extra long (45 cm) well-padded waist wrap, which protects your wrist from impacts.

It also protects the sensitive wrist nerves from sudden moves and heavy lifting, which is always a plus.

The palm area is also padded, featuring anti-slip silicone rubber fabric, which helps you establish a firm grip.

Flat of the hand is covered with 3-gel pads that reduce friction while you exercise and prevent an occurrence of blisters and calluses.

Gloves are also very comfortable and flexible, granting free movement. They are highly breathable, especially around the fingers area, which helps prevent perspiration and sweating. The backside offers stretchable mesh, which prevents heat accumulation and provides freedom of movement.

The thumb area is made of 100% cotton, with which you can wipe the sweat off your forehead and keep your face nice and clean. And the velcro wrap is both long and flexible, allowing more adjustability and comfort.

The gloves fit very nice and firmly, but this also makes them somewhat difficult to remove. Also, the finger-covering fabric could have been a bit longer, so that it covers more finger tissue.

But these two issues are my only complaint regarding these weightlifting gloves. These are the least expensive gloves on our list, but are still They are surprisingly comfortable and durable.

  • a mixture of high-quality fabric
  • thin and comfortable
  • ideal for weightlifters
  • unisex
  • come in different sizes and colors
  • the finger coverage could be better
  • difficult to take off

5. LEBBOULDER Workout Gloves – The Best Gloves For Experienced Weightlifters

LEBBOULDER weight lifting gloves are inexpensive, sturdy, and versatile. You can buy them in all sizes and six different colors. The gloves emphasize comfort: they are leather and silicone padded, soft on the inside and firm on the outside.

Gloves are very slim and breathable, for they cover only wrist and palm area, allowing air to flow beneath the fabric. The stitching is extra reinforced, particularly around the finger area, since that part is mostly exposed to heavy pressure.

The wrist wrap is long and comfortable, proving excellent wrist support during weightlifting exercising. I do like the silicone and leather padding since it prevents slipping and injuries, but also stops blisters and calluses. There are a couple of things we don’t like about these gloves.

The first issue is the result of limited elasticity. Since the fabric as elastic as it should be, the gloves are somewhat tricky to put on.

The second issue concerns the palm padding: the lack of padding on the palm area forces you to adjust the gloves from time to time. Now, if the padding were a bit more extensive, this wouldn’t be a problem.

The best thing about these gloves is the breathability, durability, and comfort. It will take some time getting used to using them, and you will have to adjust them here and there, but they will make your weightlifting more comfortable and efficient.

  • inexpensive
  • very durable
  • open arm design (breathable)
  • anti-slip fabric
  • lacks padding on the palm area
  • tricky to put on

6. Bionic Premium Fitness Gloves – The Best Full Finger Gloves For Men

Bionic gloves are made for men only and can be purchased in medium to XX-large size. The waist wrap is made of durable neoprene fabric, which provides additional support during strength training, particularly weightlifting.

The thumb area is padded, and the backside of the gloves features a patented design, which absorbs impacts and prevents injuries. There is also the perfect fit, tapered finger design, which prevents blister growth and helps establish a firm grip.

The gloves offer exceptional breathability, thanks to the implemented Cool-On material. From the inner side, the gloves feature extra padding on the thumb and finger area, which provides more comfort during weightlifting.

Note that the entire inner side is made of 100% genuine leather, which not only prolongs the gloves durability but also helps you achieve firm grip.

Interestingly, the gloves feature unique tech-friendly fabric, allowing you to use your touchscreen devices while you are working out.

That’s excellent news for all of you who use exercising gadgets because it will enable you to update your progress without taking off your gloves.

Despite the sophisticated design, comfort, and tech-friendly fabric, the gloves have some issues. The finger area is single stitched and will wear off after extensive and prolonged use.

Furthermore, the velcro wrist wrap struggles with durability and will show signs of deterioration after prolonged use.

The good news is that you can replace the velcro strap and sew the gloves if they deteriorate.

  • tech-friendly fingertip fabric
  • breathable design
  • soft and comfortable fabric
  • extra padding on the pressure points
  • not the best durability

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve seen the products on our list, it is time you learn some valuable information regarding weightlifting gloves (in general).

Keep in mind that this is an information-oriented article, which means that we will also cover the bad sides of weightlifting gloves.

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Let’s make something clear right from the start: wearing weightlifting gloves is a preference thing (read this article). The only way to find out whether you like them or not is to try them.

Some people will say that they enjoy wearing gloves and that gloves help them exercise more efficiently and comfortably.

On the other hand, you will run into people who say that the gloves are only slowing them down.


Here are some of the most significant benefits related to weightlifting gloves:


The most significant advantage of wearing weightlifting gloves (IMO) is the grip. Everybody knows that exercising almost always induces sweating, which is a good thing, for it means that you are losing weight and that your body is getting rid of the junk (see Perspiration).

However, having sweaty palms and hands isn’t a good thing for a weightlifter. Not only is this discomforting, but it can potentially be very dangerous.

Lifting heavy weights above your head is dangerous in itself, and if you add sweaty hands into the mixture, it only makes things more dangerous.


Then there is the protective side of it (see this article). There is the more obvious protection against blisters and calluses, which occur due to friction between your skin and the weights. But, if you wear gloves, the friction is reduced thanks to the padding and cushions.

But gloves also protect your wrists, knuckles, and palm. The gloves, especially tight ones, wrap around your hand and prevent sudden movements, nerve damage, and spraining. Of course, padding plays a role in this, too, for it helps absorb some of the pressure as you lift the weights.

Stroger Lifting

Assuming that the gloves you use have excellent wrist support, they may help improve your lift. But, keep in mind that the increased lift is mostly the result of comfort you get from using the gloves.

If you plan on buying the gloves because you think that they will help you increase the lift, you are most probably wrong. Why? Well, gloves only enable you to exercise more comfortably. Less sweat and less frustration equal to more concertation and more focus on exercise.

If you observe the things from that perspective, then yes, gloves will help increase your lift, but don’t think that they are magic; it will still be your muscles doing all the heavy lifting!


As we said earlier, there are some negative aspects of using weightlifting gloves. Here are the biggest ones:

Lack Of Mobility

You have to wear some beautiful, silk-made gloves if you don’t want to be conscious of them. But weightlifting gloves aren’t made of silk. Instead, manufacturers use a sturdy material such as leather or rubber to make them resistant to impacts and extra durable.

But, this also limits your movement, in the sense that you can’t fully bend your fingers, you have to take them off if you want to use your smartphone (not if you wear Cobra Grips PRO Weight Lifting Gloves, but still, you are less mobile).

False Sense Of Security

Wearing quality gloves is one thing, but wearing lousy ones can be very dangerous. People get a sense of fall security, and even believe that their lifting has improved because they wear gloves (read this).

If you plan on buying weightlifting gloves, purchase the ones that will offer you stability, comfort, and protection. Make sure that you are comfortable with them. If not, return them or give to someone else (and tell them why you are giving the gloves away).

Worse Grip

Now we are entering the different territories. While I did say that gloves provide a firm grip, that doesn’t mean that every glove improves your grip. Also, the firmness of the grip is almost entirely related to the quality of the gloves and your feeling.

And how can we measure feelings? We can’t. I prefer leather gloves, most of my gym buddies hate them. I would say that gloves help me achieve a better grip and increase my lifting.

They would say that the grip is awful, and that doesn’t even want to try lifting weights using mine gloves.

Buying The Best Gloves

Let’s say that you decided to purchase weightlifting gloves. Maybe you want to experiment with different materials, different manufacturers, perhaps you are determined to use them; it doesn’t matter, you want to buy them, end of the story. Here are a couple of things you should keep in mind:


Right from the start, you need to make sure that the gloves fit you. Here, you have two options: you can go with the so-called “one size fits all,” or you can buy the specific size, like medium or X-large.

If you are unsure about your hand size, take a measuring tape, wrap it around your hand and write the number down.

If you don’t know how to measure the wrist size, you can visit Youtube (or check this video). And if you are too lazy to do that (I know I was), buy the adjustable ones.

Keep in mind that sizing is a relative thing: two manufacturers may have a different idea of what X-large means. Furthermore, X-large can vary depending on the sex.

Material And Durability

The fabric should be the next thing on your list of concerns. Why? Well, for a couple of reasons. By far, the most important reason is comfort.

Again, we are going back to the subjective reality and the term “feeling.” How do you feel when you wear leather gloves? Rubber ones? What about the synthetic material?

If you haven’t tried different fabrics, you can either experiment or go with the one that you like the most. The material also affects the durability.

Generally speaking, leather and rubber beat synthetics in the field of longevity, but that’s not always the case.

For instance, you can have a mixture of leather and rubber fabric, but if it is tied together severely, the material won’t make any difference.

So, when you consider durability, think about design, the padding, the wrap/velcro quality, and strength. All these things will determine the longevity of the gloves.

Open Or Closed?

Do you prefer open or closed design? Open gloves are the ones that cover the top and bottom parts of your palms and fingers, but not the sides.

This offers a lot more breathability because the air can freely move between the fingers. They also come with waist wraps, just like the closed gloves.

Closed gloves offer less breathability one the one hand, but more comfort and mobility on the other (no pun intended). There is no free space (so to speak), and you are less conscious about the gloves.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I can’t give you a definitive answer on this one. If you are unsure, I advise you to go for the closed design, since it is more conventional and secure, and there is less chance that you won’t like them.

Other Things To Consider

Price is another thing you have to consider (apparently). The good news is that the prices don’t vary that much, but they do differ nonetheless.

Make sure that you buy the one that suit you (regarding sizing, sex, etc.) Color is another thing you have to select (if you care about it).

There are some other things we didn’t mention, such as return policy and warranty. I believe that these things are something you should consider, but I can’t say anything extraordinary about them. Still, keep that in mind during your search.


Though I am sure that we didn’t examine everything there is to investigate this topic, I believe we did discuss the most critical aspects of weightlifting gloves.

In short, you should first decide whether you want to buy a pair of gloves or not. After that, go through our buyer’s guide and pay attention to the thing we discussed.

Naturally, you should also consider the factors we didn’t include in this article. The most important thing is that you select the proper size and material, but don’t forget the other stuff we mentioned, such as comfort and durability.

If you read the guide with some level of attention, you are now well-equipped to buy the weightlifting gloves that will fit you and make your strength training more comfortable and efficient.

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