Best Swimming Nose Clip 2021 (Best Rated of the Year)

Best Swimming Nose Clip of 2021

Product Features 
Arena Strap Nose Clip Pro (Editor's Choice)Arena Strap Nose Clip ProMemory plastic frame
Soft silicone
Built-in strap
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BLUPOND Swimming Nose Clips and Earplugs Mega SetBLUPOND Swimming Nose Clips and Earplugs Mega Set3 Nose Clips
3 Earplugs
Different colors
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Speedo Racing Competition Swim Low Profile Nose ClipSpeedo Racing Competition Swim Low Profile Nose ClipLow profile
For synchronized swimming
Decent durability
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BRBD Anti-Slip Dotted Swimming Nose Clip For AdultsBRBD Anti-Slip Dotted Swimming Nose Clip For Adults4 Nose Clips
Different colors
Soft and comfortable silicone
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Canoe Kayak Nose Clip PlugsCanoe Kayak Nose Clip PlugsExtremely durable
Sturdy strap/lanyard
Ideal for extreme sports
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1. Arena Strap Nose Clip Pro – The Best-Fitting Nose Clip With Memory Plastic

If quality is what you seek over mere numbers, Arena may have what you seek in the realm of nose clips. They are the second big-name swimming equipment brand on our list after speedo. And they do not disappoint, with some high tech features in the mix.

Memory retaining plastic frame is the main highlight here. No more cheap metal that you have to tweak and adjust endlessly. This unique plastic retains its shape once set and offers an excellent fit for noses of all shapes and sizes.

And these nose clips also have a strap as part of the design. So whatever fun activity you have in mind, you can rest assured that these nose clips will not just slide off and get lost forever.

With a blend of 60% silicone and 40% polycarbonate, these nose clips offer just the right mix of soft comfort and sturdiness. These clips are available in two shade options: clear plastic and opaque black.

While these Arena nose clips don’t suffer from some of the common issues that plague other swimming nose clips, they are not without their drawbacks.

The price and size of the package stand out the most. You only get one nose clip in the package, and that too for double the price of its cheapest competitor.

But on the other hand, it can be argued that the sheer range of advanced features offers enough compensation to balance this price.

Should you buy it? If you are satisfied with getting just one nose clip for a price at which the competition often offers six or eight pieces, you should definitely go ahead. What you will get is sheer quality.

If you find other universal sized nose clips lacking in the fit and comfort department, these Arena nose clips may offer a better experience.

  • Memory plastic frame for excellent fit
  • Soft silicone for comfort
  • Built-in strap for added security
  • Very durable and sturdy design
  • Expensive
  • You only get one piece

2. BLUPOND Swimming Nose Clips and Earplugs Mega Set – Best For Adults and Kids

If you want a set of nose plugs for the entire family, BLUPOND offers one of the best value for money propositions. Their set includes not one, but three separate nose clips, each accompanied by a complementary set of earplugs as well. And if your family has more than three members, you can easily get bundles at very affordable rates.

These nose slips all come in the same size, but that is not an issue when it comes to suitability and fit for different sized noses.

Their design has been optimized in such a way that a single nose clip can fit a child or adult equally well. These clips are suitable for adults as well as children as small as six years old.

The metal bits are securely hidden away behind a sheath of durable, medical-grade silicone. There are no toxic or potentially hazardous plastics involved here.

The inclusion of medical-grade materials ensures that these nose clips are suitable even for individuals with common allergies and sensitive skin types.

As a bonus, you also get a convenient carrying case for safe and easy storage of these nose clips. Appearances are minor concerns when it comes to accessories like this.

But still, these clips are available in sets of six different colors, in case you or your kids are picky about color choices.

But truth be told, the one size fits all policy is indeed a bit of a hit and miss. If you are lucky, these nose clips may offer you the perfect fit.

But if not, they at least offer full refunds, so we cannot complain. And the lack of straps means that if they drop off while you are in the water, they might very well stay gone.

This might be more of a problem for the smaller kids, as a lot of negative reviews on the product page seems to highlight such an issue.

The earplugs are just standard-sized models, with nothing special to write home about. Their fit is much more problematic, so keep that in mind when you buy these.

Remember that they are just complementary freebies.

In conclusion, the BLUPOND set offers a very safe, yet affordable alternative to some big-name brands out there. If you want a bunch of dependable nose clips for a day at the beach or in the pool, these are well worth a punt.

For more strenuous stuff like rafting or jet skiing, you may need to look at other models with straps. And while these Blupond clips may not work for all, the stellar customer care more than makes up for that particular issue. They come highly recommended by us.

  • Made from safe, non-toxic silicon
  • Value for money
  • Comes with earplugs
  • Available with handy storage covers
  • Excellent customer support
  • One size may not fit all
  • Earplugs are often a poor fit
  • Nose clips are not a very good fit for many kids
  • No options for straps or lanyards

3. Speedo Racing Competition Swim Low Profile Nose Clip – Best For Synchronized and Competitive Swimming

Professional athletes swear by big name brands for a reason: these companies have the financial clout to do R&D to develop cutting-edge designs for performance. And Speedo is one of the two big-name brands on our shortlist.

Predictably, this is probably one of the best nose clips out there if you are into synchronized swimming.

Since it is made for competitive events, this nose clip features a very subdued low profile fit. They offer an extremely tight yet comfortable fit.

This is the kind of nose clip that lets in zero water into your nostrils, but without causing any pain or discomfort. They are made from a firmer plastic material and offer excellent grip on the nose.

The molded flexible plastic does not contain any toxins or allergens and is extremely safe for all types of skin. At just under one ounce, they are incredibly light and fit snugly on your nose.

The metal bridges are somewhat flexible and can be bent slightly to offer a better fit on different sized noses.

These Speedo clips are available in universal fit and are best suited for adolescents and adults. You get two pairs in a package, which is pretty decent value for money.

They come in a clear plastic case, which makes storage and transportation a breeze. You get two color options, both of which are subdued enough to attract minimal attention during competitions. These clips are available in gray and beige colors.

That universal fit is the main weakness of these Speedo nose clips as well. They are a bit of a hit and miss when it comes to suiting different nose sizes.

The slightly adjustable bridge does offer some leeway, but that is still minimal at best. There is no guarantee that these will fit your nose. Also, the lack of any straps means that you might lose them in the pool.

Though these are nose clips optimized for synchronized swimming, they are useful for all kinds of other aquatic activities as well, as long as they fit your nose. And as far as the lack of a strap is concerned, you can easily use some dental floss or similar strings to tie these securely to your outfit, in case you want to go swimming in the ocean or a lake or something.

Do we recommend the Speedo nose clips? If you are into competitive events, the subtle design and comfort offered by these clips may give you an edge. But they suffer from the same fit issues that plague other brands.

So there is nothing extra special in them to recommend these over the competition for regular/recreational use. Buy if you are a fan of the brand.

  • Designed for competitive synchronized swimming
  • Low profile and subdued colors
  • Decent durability
  • Some scope for adjustments
  • No straps
  • Will sink if they come loose
  • Universal fit may not be enough for everyone

4. BRBD Anti-Slip Dotted Swimming Nose Clip For Adults – Most Affordable Nose Clips For Adults

If you are not so bothered about high performance, branding, or subtle design cues, these might be one of the best options available in the market for you.

With four clips all in different colors, you get a decent amount of variety in this package from BRBD. The different colors ensure that each nose clips of various individuals do not get mixed up.

The low price and number of clips that you get are what makes this package such a great bargain. The entire body of the clips is covered in soft silicone. They promise exceptional comfort and durability.

The tips feature a unique embossed design. Compared to smoother surfaces, these should offer improved grip on your skin, helping the clips to stay on securely for longer.

Since they are so cheap, the BRBD set is not without some niggles and flaws. They are not at all suitable for kids, as they are specifically sized for adults. And they lack any straps, and hence might not be suitable for more active adventure sports in the water. The durability of these clips is also rather questionable.

Since they are so cheap, losing one or two may not be that big an issue. But if you want to avoid that, you can always go the DIY route and create a strap using some strong thread or twine.

We would recommend the BRBD set if you are on a budget and do not need any clips for kids. These nose clips have no special features but are very colorful and cheaply available.

  • Extremely affordable package
  • Different colored pieces in each set
  • Soft and comfortable silicone
  • Embossed design for improved fit
  • Not suitable for kids
  • May not fit all nose sizes
  • No straps
  • May not be very durable

5. Canoe Kayak Nose Clip Plugs – Best For Extreme Aquatic Sports

Just one glance at the Canoe nose clip, and you will realize that this one means business. You don’t get any plastic silicone nonsense here.

This one is all metal, with an extremely sturdy spring at the bridge of the clip. For comfort on the skin, you do get molded rubber pads at the business end.

With such a powerful stainless steel spring, this nose clip offers a superior grip and sealing to your nose. And it also comes with a very heavy duty leash or lanyard that can be used to anchor this clip to your helmet or swimsuit securely. And this is a German-made product, which offers superior build quality and durability when compared to Chinese manufactured plastics.

If you want superior performance for very demanding situations like kayaking, canoeing, rafting, or surfing, this is probably the best nose clip your money can buy.

The molded rubber bits offer excellent grip, and the string spring ensures that the nostrils remain closed tight.

The asking price of this nose clip is extremely steep, at nearly three times its nearest priced rival in our short-list.

At those kinds of rates, these are clips that you would have to jump into the water for if they were to slip off! Also, since these use molded rubber instead of the more neutral silicone, they may not be suitable for individuals with some allergies.

Would we recommend the Canoe nose clips? The asking price is just short of ridiculous, but these German clips do offer some serious performance.

If you want the most durable, effective, and dependable nose clips for some extreme water sports, they might look more like reasonable propositions. For leisurely dips in the pool or on the beach, these are definitely not recommended, though!

  • Extremely durable stainless steel build
  • Comfortable yet tight grip and fit
  • Comes with sturdy strap/lanyard
  • Ideal for very demanding sports like kayaking or rafting
  • Extremely expensive
  • No worth it for regular swimming
  • No silicone is used

Buyer’s Guide

What are nose clips for swimming?

Nose clips have just one primary function: to keep your nose closed while in the water. They are very simple devices, made from a combination of pieces of metal and soft materials like silicone or rubber.

The silicon provides padding for the metal, helping keep the clip safely and comfortably on your skin without any bruising. Swimming nose clips are also called nose plugs.

How do they work?

Nose clips or plugs have a straightforward design. They are U-shaped pieces of metal, with soft padding. When placed on your nose with the bridge part on top, they hold your nostrils together in a pinching motion. When they are correctly fitted and worn, you will not be able to breathe through your nose.

To use a nose clip, merely pinch your nostrils together, spread the arms of the clip and place them on either side of your nose.

Who can benefit from using nose clips?

Nose clips can be accessories for both beginners, as well as expert swimmers in certain situations. For instance, in sports like synchronized swimming, participants have to spend a lot of time underwater, often in extreme angles. So this is one of the few aquatic sports where nose clips are extremely useful and commonly used. In most other pro levels of swimming, nose clips are not worn.

In certain waters, some individuals tend to experience allergies and irritation in their nose after swimming. This is often the case when you go swimming in the ocean or if you are allergic to chemicals like chlorine in pool water. In such cases, a nose clip is often the only way to avoid post-swim nasal discomfort.

And in the early stages of swimming lessons, learners can get easily overwhelmed. Water going into the nose is a frequent complaint about many beginners.

It distracts them from grasping the basic swimming strokes and basic breathing techniques. Nose clips can be helpful in these early stages, as you no longer have to worry about water continually blocking your nose.

They are also incredibly useful in other water-based activities like rafting, kayaking, and surfing. If you want to avoid the constant distraction of water coming into your nose, a nose clip can be a handy tool in these circumstances.

What are some disadvantages of nose clips?

Many swimming coaches are against the idea of learners using nose clips for an extended period. After a point, once you get more comfortable being in the water, a nose clip can be a hindrance to improving your swimming skills. For proper breathing techniques, you should be using your nose as well as your mouth during the strokes. Obviously, when you have a nose clip, this can be a problem.

If you persist with nose clips, you might end up hindering your progress. Proper swimming techniques involve learning how to blow water out of your nose on your own. When you depend upon nose clips, you do not learn these vital skills.

Inefficient breathing is a reason why you will never see nose clips in pro swimming competitions. It is very rare for expert swimmers to use nose plugs during competitions, even though their use is allowed.

If you already have some infection and heavy mucus discharge from your lungs and nose, a nose plug can make it worse. In these situations, it is recommended that you avoid wearing nose clips altogether.

What are some features to look for when buying nose clips?

Since these are really simple products, there is not much regarding advanced features to look for. That being said, the following features need to be taken into account when shopping for nose clips:

1. Size: there is no one size fit all product. Check out the specifications and user reviews to get a rough idea of whether a particular clip will be suitable for adults or kids.

Most manufacturers label their clips as suitable from ages ten onwards, but that is often a conservative estimate. Many of the products reviewed by us were suitable for kids as small as six years old.

2. Durable materials: with regular use, clips can get loose eventually. And at that point, they are no longer effective in keeping water out of your nose. And if they get loose, they can even fall off while you are in the water. Look for durable metals that retain their shape for a more extended period. The padding also needs to be durable for the nose clip to remain safe for your skin.

3. Strap or Lanyard: Many nose clips, especially those designed for activities like rafting, come with a strap. This will ensure that your nose clip is not lost, even if it does fall at some of the more hectic spots in the rapids. But when you are swimming, a strap or lanyard can be an inconvenience, unless it is used to fasten the clip to your face snugly.

Are there different types of nose clips available?

Most nose clips for swimming follow the same basic concept and design. But depending on your requirements, you might have to ditch certain clips based on features and design elements.

For instance, in competitive synchronized swimming, you would favor models that have a discreet profile or design, with dull colors that blend in. Straps are not a very useful feature in pools.

But in the ocean, or in a river, if the nose clip comes off, it is as good as lost. For use in these environments, you should look at those that come with durable straps or lanyards. Or you can even create your DIY lanyards with strings.

Most of the affordable brands offer ordinary metal bridges with silicone or soft rubber padding. But for a superior fit, some big brands offer innovative materials like molded plastics for a premium price.


Despite their seemingly simple design and straightforward use, nose clips are a diverse bunch. The products highlighted on our shortlist have their pros and cons and are suitable for a particular niche of buyers.

Depending on your requirements and budget, any of them could be considered the best swimming nose clip available online. Just figure out your requirements, and you should be able to pick one that suits you the best easily. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

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