Best Roller Skates of 2021 [A Definitive Guide]

Best Roller SkatesThere is a wide range of skates available on the market today, but the question is, which is the right one for you?

You have come to the right place! The following is a review of the best roller skates that will guarantee top-notch fun, as well as a buyer’s guide to making your purchase even easier.

Best Roller Skates of 2021

Product BearingsWheelsPurpose 
Riedell Skates Dart Roller Skate (Editor's Choice)Riedell DartABEC 562mmfor derbyCheck Price
Crazy Skates Flash Kids Roller SkatesCrazy Skates Flash KidsABEC 3 60mmfor kidsCheck Price
Chicago Boy’s SidewalkChicago Boy's Sidewalk Skate-60mmfor boysCheck Price
Vanilla Skates the Tuxedos Jam SkatesVanilla Skates The Tuxedos Jam SkatesABEC 962mmfor men & womenCheck Price
Riedell Wave Quad Roller SkatesRiedell WaveABEC 154mmfor beginnersCheck Price

1. Riedell Skates Dart Roller Skate – Best For Derby

If you are looking for the best roller skates that are ideal for anyone starting out on skating or those just getting into Derby, the Riedell Skates Dart Roller Skate is the pair for you.

These skates are available in a total of 7 amazing colors with matching wheels. The lining and the upper are man-made, and the bottom is 62mm Dart wheels, and with their quality, there is nothing that will stop you from defining fun in your own style.

The skates come with a PowerDyne Thrust nylon plate, ABEC 5 bearing, and midi-gripper toe stops.

What this means is that these particular skates are all-round amateur products that allow one to achieve amazing levels of speed, perfect turning, and utmost comfort.

However, to minimize the chances of potential injury maneuvers, you need to practice caution as they offer not much in terms of ankle support.

While looking for some skates that will allow you to pull some great stunts and amazing turns, the lack of ankle enables these skates to be free for that needed extra power. So, it is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

On the brighter side, these skates offer maximum comfort, and from the moment you fish them out of the package, you will realize that they were made just to be worn and hitting the road instantly. They are unlike others that require you to wear them in first before they eventually get snug.

The Riedell Skates Dart Roller Skate has one real catch; they are a little more expensive than other skates in its league.

But with their versatility and how you can pimp them up with a new set of wheels, for better performance, they are worth the value for your money.

  • They are unisex
  • Promise smooth rides and great speeds
  • The skates are comfortable
  • Versatile and wheels can be changed for better experiences
  • If you are looking for skates with the best ankle support, consider other types
  • Takes time to get used to the Velcro strap because of the thick tongue
  • Easy to outgrow the ABEC 5 bearing

2. Crazy Skates Flash Kids Roller Skates – Best For Kids

Crazy FLASH is an all-new pair of skates that were specifically designed for the beginner in mind. It also fits the intermediate skater. With the adjustable and easy to steer trucks, the components, and its quality construction, no kid starting out on the sport will be disappointed.

These skates come with amazing features. They feature a motion-activated LED light system on each boot with batteries claimed to guarantee 500+ hours of life.

The lights are an encouragement, especially for children who want to learn and enjoy skating. The lights can be turned off by a single push button whenever you want to store or when the skates are not in use.

Also incorporated into the skates are all the components that an adult skate would have including ABEC 3 precision bearings, 60 by 37mm urethane wheels with a speed hub as well as a urethane toe stopper.

The urethane wheels, like many other kid’s skates, promises firm grips on the surface, negating the possibility of slipping.

They achieve significant levels of speed while ensuring the feet are snug in the boots. With the strongly built nylon plate, working together with the trucks will amount to a fine-tuning ability, enabling users to steer them however they want.

The skates are available in two color options. With the hi-top boot style, they offer plenty of room for little ones to grow in.

Although sizes have been clearly indicated, many people often are at a loss on which size to get their children. Overall, the skates are durable and excellent for every beginner.

  • They feature working LED lights
  • Have a quality design, which promises a long life
  • Perfect for skating on both smooth surfaces as well as on concrete
  • They are highly stable for kids
  • Some users have difficulty reading the right size for their kids

3. Chicago Boy’s Sidewalk Skate – Best For Boys

The Chicago Boy’s Sidewalk Skate is the recommended choice for boys, both seasoned and those starting out, in terms of stability and performance.

The skates are classically man-made, and although they were meant for gliding, they make the best choice for rink enthusiasts as well as those looking to have fun while social skating.

The wheels come with 4 premium wheels, which are oversized, and a durable high impact chassis and truck. With the standard semi-precision bearing on these wheels, the whole skating boot helps the user achieve smooth rolls regardless of the direction of the pavement or concrete. There is a toe stop always to make perfect halts with ease.

The skates are comfortable. They have padding, including on the ankle collars, which is ideal for protecting your little ones from potential harm like torsion.

Nonetheless, they fit perfectly, are lightweight, and they involve easy pull on and off. The foldable Velcro strap and the lacing above the tongue further enhance a convenient fit.

The pair is among the safest skates for kids, thanks to the unusually large and wide wheels, and the high quality makes of the laces.

The wheels increase the surface area on the pavement or concrete that the skates maintain contact with for better balancing and traction.

Perhaps the only setback associated with the Chicago Boy’s Sidewalk Skate is the tongue. Despite all the great features, the tongue is rather firm and may cause lots of discomfort as one rides, particularly if the laces or the Velcro strap is fastened tightly.

  • The unusually large wheels are the best for stability and safety
  • Ideal for use on several types of surfaces
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • If tightened securely, the tongue of the skates may cause some discomfort

4. Vanilla Skates the Tuxedos Jam Adult Skates – Best For Men & Women

The Vanilla Skates the Tuxedos Jam Skates is the first of its kind. They feature a design that looks exactly like that of a tuxedo, and if you are scouting for the best-looking skates, that will add a feel of sophistication to your jam skating session. The skates are durable, and they fit both the men and the women for all types of skating.

These skates, in particular, come with a fully stitched outer sole and the boot’s lining. The sole is solely made of rubber to ensure that their durability is unquestionable.

Also incorporated into the skates are the newly designed frames, which allow you to have better control with the 5-degree action capability.

The boots are comfortable, with a perfect fit. The cushions have a cone shape to increase response, for better maneuvers as well as stability.

They also come with exclusive jam plugs that have actually been tested by the Vanilla team themselves. This is no regular feat that other skates can offer.

These Vanilla skates are not lacking in speed. If you fancy high levels of speed, you will be thrilled to know that this pair of skates come with ABEC 9 precision bearings.

These bearings are perfect for comfortable rides even on rough surfaces without being at risk of getting an injury.

The bearings are surrounded by 62mm Backspin nylon hub wheels with 95A degree of hardness, which are light and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

They are in every way meant to give you long service before you think of changing them. You can easily tell the quality of the skates with the aluminum trucks they come with.

The only setback that the Vanilla Skates the Tuxedos Jam Skates have is the narrow fit. If you are looking for skates that are a bit wider, you will have to pass these up. They won’t fit as snug as you want them to be.

  • They have a very beautiful design
  • Are light and durable, which is a guarantee of long life
  • Feature soft cone cushions that make them comfortable
  • The outer shell is made of rubber for further protection
  • They are not the best choice if you are looking for skates that are a bit wide
  • One user was concerned that the jam plugs had been cheaply made

5. Riedell Wave Quad Roller Skates – Best for Beginners

The Riedell Wave Quad Roller Skates are perhaps the best beginner skates that will grow with you as a skater. They are the hallmark of the somewhat cheap skates that give competitors a run for their money.

Nevertheless, they haven’t sacrificed quality and design. They are highly compact, strong, and versatile enough to be used for dancing or sports.

The boots come with a padded lining for comfort, fully adjustable nylon plates with Double Action Trucks as well as some bell toe stops that are fixed. Also featured are 54mm high rebound Urethane wheels and ABEC 1 bearings.

It is these features that make these skates ideal for use both on concrete as well as in the rink. Most importantly, they are friendly to beginners.

If you rotate the wheels by hand, they may not achieve much, but put them on and try on the surface, they will hold up really well. They are also resistant enough to ensure that you do not get peat on rough surfaces.

Although the bearing, the plate, and most of its other features will make sure that you get better use of the skates before changing the parts, the boots have one setback.

They run a bit narrow. What this means is that you need to buy a size bigger than what you normally wear. This will ensure that the lining and the lacing in the boots keep your feet snug and free of perspiration.

The skates are available in black and white. The black types have blue wheels while the white features pin wheels and laces.

Another thing worth noting is that the padding is rather firm, so if you seek better comfortability, you can swap them out for better ones. Similarly, these skates can be upgraded if you are a seasoned skater.

  • Comfortable for use on smooth surfaces as well as the concrete
  • Upgradable with better wheels and trucks
  • Made to last
  • Best for beginners and kids
  • You will need better cushioning as the ones that come with it are a bit firm
  • Misleading size

Buyer’s Guide

You require a bit of wit when you are shopping for the best roller skates. The last thing you need to do is buy random products that will lead to injuries for your little ones, or even cost you your career if you do professional skating.

Skates are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, types, and with so many features added for better rides and smoothness.

This makes the buying decision a bit of a challenge, but whichever the case, there are lots of considerations to make before settling on a particular product. The following are some of them.

Things to Consider in Buying the Best Skates


There are many styles of roller skates available. Before making an informed decision on buying them, you should know exactly the kind that you want.

Derby Skates

Riedell Dart

Derby skates are meant for the derby sport and other competitive leagues. They have a specific design that is ideal to satisfy the needs of the athletes in the sport.

Durability, the ability to turn quickly as well as to achieve great speeds with ease define these types of skates. They are preferably the best choice than other types of roller skates.

Speed Skates

Speed Skates

As the name suggests, speed skates are simply meant for those athletes or enthusiasts looking to hit great levels while speed skating. Usually, they come with a low top style to allow better angle movement. This is also facilitated by specialized bearings and wheels.

Artistic Skates

Artistic Skates

The artistic skates are also known as recreational skates. Others also know them as indoor roller skates. Typically, they come with high-tech leather boots that provide maximum ankle support, and for control.

Their wheels are hard to fit indoor use or smooth surfaces. They are the wrong choice if you are looking for the all-terrain roller skates.

Outdoor Skates

Outdoor Skates

Given that they are often meant to be used outdoors, these types of roller skates feature softer wheels than those of the indoors skates. They are available with two options; both the high-top and the low-top boots. They are shock-resistant and are the best choice if you want all-terrain skates.


Roller Skates Protective Gear

Like any other sport, accidents may occur while skating. If you are moving at high speeds, and by any chance happen to slip and fall, irreparable harm might be inevitable.

For this reason, you need to consider safety gear. The need for protective gear is mandatory, and you need elbow and knee pads for starters.

The two will prevent injury to your joints in the event of a fall. Similarly, you need a helmet to protect your skull from severe harm.

Safety gear is particularly crucial for beginners and kids. However, this doesn’t mean that as a veteran, you should neglect them. If you engage in high-risk stunts or other advanced skilled maneuvers, it is better to be safe than regret later.

Type and Size of the Wheel

Nowadays, most wheels are made of urethane. This is a transition that was adopted away from conventional plastic makes. Urethane wheels are much more durable, and they guarantee smooth rides on several types of surfaces.

Wheels are a consideration as each design is meant to serve a specific purpose. There are wheels meant particularly for speed, and others are made to achieve the best accelerations, while there are others built specifically for balance and everything else there is to skate. The performance of these wheels is also determined by its size.

Large wheels are suitable for fast speeds and are common in most of the racing skates. On the other hand, small wheels are the best for their ability to accelerate and decelerate rapidly.

For beginners, wide wheels will often be beneficial as they maintain a large surface area with the ground for better stability. The choice of the size of wheels, will, however, depend entirely on what you are trying to achieve.


This factor has an effect on comfort and is another characteristic that you need to consider. Several types of roller skates feature various types of materials.

Consider what the underparts are constructed from, that is, the trucks. While others are made of plastic, there are some that feature aluminum or steel frames.

The latter is the preferred choice for its long life, but it is the most expensive. Other options include nylon fiberglass or other metal alloys.

In terms of the boot itself, most are man-made, while a majority of others are made of leather. The man-made material has its benefits.

It is cheap and more comfortable, almost like the high-end types. The problem is, the molding that the leather types give your feet isn’t there.

Leather is a top-quality material. It will last longer and provide the best support. The catch is the price. They are somewhat expensive.


Roller Skates BearingsBearings are rated with the Annual Bearing Engineers’ Committee (ABEC). ABEC rating should be considered if you want to determine how good the bearings in the roller skates are.

A higher rating means that the bearings are of good quality. What this also means is that you can hit the best speeds with them. Most of the manufacturers indicate the ABEC rating of their roller skates, and the only problem is that they are unverifiable.

So you should buy your roller skates from a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer.


What profile means is the height and width of the skates. The best roller skates to buy if you want maneuverability and lightness, compact skates are suitable.

But if you are planning to engage in a specific sport, you can confirm with the organizers for the recommended profile. Most events require particular types of profiles.

Generally, compact skates with low profiles are the ideal choice if you want to gain more control and prevent the possibility of torsion injuries. In fact, they are the recommended types of dancing as they offer the exact balance users need.

Other considerations to make include the shape of the wheel, the price, the age of the user, and the durometer. Combine all these factors, and you have the best arsenal for getting the exact type of roller skate that will meet all your needs.

Benefits of Roller Skating

Roller skating is a fun activity that is enjoyed both by adults and the young. This is so because it has many health benefits for both. Perhaps the notable importance for adults is health benefits.

  • In terms of health benefits, roller skating has the same benefits as jogging. In fact, it is recognized by the American Heart Association (AHA) as a perfect sport for aerobics. According to research conducted by Universitat Konstantx, it was concluded that skating, in moderation, will increase the skater’s heartbeat to 140 and 160 a minute. If one picks up the pace, it could reach 180 beats a minute. This is ideal for strengthening the heart muscles, which improves blood circulation in the body.
  • Roller skating is a social activity that promotes confidence in children. It is the best way to keep them away from being consumed by the technology around them.
  • Roller skating promotes weight loss. By toning the muscles and promoting endurance, skaters can burn calories. Skating for about half an hour three times a week can burn up to 750 calories.
  • The sport is easy to stick to. It is affordable and will not break your bank. Compared to a gym membership or buying other high-end gym equipment, roller skates are the affordable option.


How do you ensure that your roller skate wheels and the bearings last long?

Clean the roller skates regularly. Keep them maintained and clean the wheels appropriately. Use skate tools to remove them and wipe the dirt away with a cloth dipped in a soapy solution. Clean both the inside and the outside of the wheel.

The bearings’ life can be made longer simply by lubricating them. Also, keeping them away from constant contact with water as it will cause rust. Grass has some small particles that can accumulate and cause the failure of the bearings. Don’t skate on the grass.


There you have it, the ultimate guide to buying the best roller skates for all your needs. The list of the roller skates has exactly what you are looking for.

They have been tested for safety and comfort, which makes them ideal for daily skating. This is a reason why you can shop for them with confidence as they are quality products that will guarantee good service for years.

But if what you desire isn’t on the list, the buyer’s guide will suffice in helping you make an informed decision on the exact type that you have in mind.

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  1. I have 3 things wrong with this article. As I work at a rink and wear a version of the tuxedos, I can clarify a couple of things for you. The dart skate is not as expensive as you think. The basic R3 from Riedel costs more than the Dart. R3- $129.00; Dart- $109.00. The Tuxedos come with a nylon plate not aluminum. And vanilla skates are made for wider feet. I wear the Royalty. Out is the same skate, just different colors. These are what the newbies are getting that get into derby not the Dart. I have wide feet and they are much more comfortable than getting a Riedel skate. I recommend these to someone with wide feet all the time. And as they are relatively inexpensive for a Vanilla (VNLA Junior), they are a big hit. We sell a lot of skates and the VNLA Junior and Darts are our biggest sellers at the moment.

    • Peggy, I too have wide feet, size/10. Please furnish more detail with photos an how to get the skates you favor. Thanks! Narelle


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