Best Power Racks for Home Gym [Updated 2021]

Best Power RacksFor many people, having a gym in their house or garage is the ideal solution to staying in shape and getting a good workout.

Going to the gym can be a hassle as you have to not only leave your house to get a workout, but some of the equipment might be taken up by other people.

In a home gym, you have the comfort of staying in your own home to get exercise as well as knowing that no one else will be on the equipment you’re trying to use.

One of the most versatile and foundational pieces of equipment for any home gym is a power rack. These racks can hold bars and weights, allowing you to perform almost any exercise ranging from squats to bench press.

Due to their popularity and versatility, there is a huge variety of different kinds of power racks available, so to help you out in choosing the right rack for you, we’ve compiled a list of seven hand-picked power racks and included some information below to help you make the right choice.

Best Power Racks of 2021

Product TypeFeaturesCapacity, lbsMaterialWeight, lbsDimensions
L x W x H
Fitness Reality 810 XLT Super Max Power Cage (Editor's Choice)Fitness Reality 810 XLT Super Max Power CagePower rackTwo 3 1/4" long lock on safety bars. Two 23" dual mounted safety bars; With or without Weight Bench8002 x 2 in square steel frame133.550.5 x 46.5 x 83.5 inCheck Price
Auxiwa PR1001 Atlas Deadlift Cage with Bench RacksAtlas Power RackSquat rackChin up bar on top; plate holders in back; FID and Flat Bench1000Heavy duty steel13748 x 48 x 83 in Check Price
Valor Fitness BD-7Valor Fitness BD-7Power rack for home gym with lat pulldown 4 Plate Storage Pegs; 4 weight bar supports; Foam covered utility bar used for curls or other accessories; pull up bar with knurled grips600-8002 x 2 in steel frame8959 x 63 x 86 inCheck Price
Fitness Reality 2868 X-ClassFitness Reality X-Class High Capacity Olympic Power CagePower cage2"x 20" high Density rubber grip dip handles; two 11.5" safety bars; two 35.5" dual mounted safety bars; 2 height position adjustable multi-grip chin up/pull up bars15002 x 3 in tubular steel frame301 lbs (with Lat Pull-Down Attachment); 256 lbs (without Lat Pull-Down Attachment)86.5 x 86 x 52 in (with Lat Pull-Down Attachment); 71.5 x 86 x 52 in (without Lat Pull-Down Attachment)Check Price
Titan T-2 Series Deadlift CageTitan Power RackBudget power rack Chin up bar; HD J-hooks; pull up bar7002 x 2 in square steel frame construction10748.4 x 59 x 83 inCheck Price
Rep Fitness PR-1000 with Dual Pullup BarsRep Fitness Power Rack PR 1000Power rack with pull up barDual Pullup Bars, Numbered Uprights, Lat Attach, Flat Bench and Dip7002 x 2 in steel26165 x 48 x 86 inCheck Price
Merax Athletics Olympic Squat CageMerax Athletics Fitness Power RackPower rack with lat pulldown4 adjustable weight bar supports; pull up bar with knurled grips; foam covered utility bar used for curls or other accessories8002 x 2 in steel-48.5 x 43 x 82 inCheck Price

1. Fitness Reality 810 XLT Super Max Power Cage – Best Power Rack for Home Gym

The first power rack we’ll be taking a look at is the fitness reality 810XLT Supermax. This power rack is a great option for people trying to get a new home gym started as it features all the basics and boasts a huge variety of additional accessories.

The frame is constructed of 2-inch by 2-inch steel, which gives this rack up to an 800-pound weight capacity that is ample for all but the strongest lifters.

The rack also comes with a multi-position pull-up and chin-up bar, which allows for a variety of grips, including a neutral grip for targeting the biceps or a vast grip for targeting the back and lats.

The rack has 19 points of adjustment for the pins and safeties, which are both compatible with a 7-foot Olympic bar. This allows lifters of practically any height to perform any exercise safely within the rack easily.

There are also a plethora of optional attachments for the rack, which can be purchased separately when it’s time to upgrade your home gym.

These include things such as dip bars, plate holders, landmines, and J hooks. There’s also a corresponding bench that can be used with this rack that is capable of the same 800 pound capacity as the rack.

  • Tons of optional accessories
  • 800-pound weight capacity
  • Accessories and bench are sold separately

2. Auxiwa PR1001 Atlas Deadlift Cage with Bench Racks – Best Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar

For those who find that some racks don’t have enough points of adjustment for them, the Atlas power rack might be a great solution.

This rack features 28 points of adjustment for the pins and safeties that are spaced only two inches apart. This allows you to have extremely precise control of where the bar starts and ends in any given exercise, which makes it safer to perform squats and bench press compared to having to either lift the bar several inches out of the rack or having to struggle to rerack the weight if the pins are slightly too high. This durable rack also has an impressive 1000 pound weight capacity.

This spacious rack also gives even the tallest of people and broadest of shoulders ample space to move around and perform any exercise.

The inside of the cage is 44 inches wide and 83 inches tall with a base that is a 48 inch square on each side. The rack has two pins at the back for storing plates and a simple pull-up bar at the top.

The frame also comes with a 10-year warranty ensuring you won’t have to worry about damage from rough use.

  • 1000 pounds weight capacity means most people won’t have to worry about overloading the rack
  • 10-year frame warranty
  • Lacking in available accessories

3. Valor Fitness BD-7 – Best Power Rack with Lat Pulldown

The next rack on our list is the Valor Fitness BD-7 power rack, which aims to fill the role of an entire home gym on its own. The frame of this rack is made from 2 inches by 2-inch steel and has 17 positions for the bar supports and safety catches ranging from 17 and 1/2 inches all the way to 68 inches.

On the sides of the rack, there are four plates storage pegs that are 8 inches in length, each allowing you to keep your plates organized and not strewn about on the floor.

Where this rack really stands out is with its pulley system mounted at the back of the rack, which allows you to perform a variety of exercises that regular racks don’t offer.

The pulley system can be paired with a variety of handles and attachments from either the bottom or top of the rack allowing for exercises such as lat pulldowns, cable bicep curls, or tricep pullovers.

The pulley system is weighted using the same plates you would use on your bar and are compatible with practically any cable attachment. Despite the thick steel used for the frame, this rack only has a maximum capacity of about 500 pounds, which is still considerable, but many serious lifters might be able to damage the catches or safeties of this rack if a bar is dropped and is loaded with even nearly that much weight.

  • Pulley system allows you to perform a huge variety of exercises
  • Lots of pins for keeping plates organized
  • 500-pound maximum capacity

4. Fitness Reality 2868 X-Class – Best Power Cage

If the cable system of the Valor Fitness BD-7 appeals to you, but you want a rack that will undoubtedly be able to keep up with your strengths, then the Fitness Reality X-class is probably just what you’re looking for.

This power rack is constructed of a thick 2 by a 3-inch tubular steel frame, which gives it an absolutely jaw-dropping 1500 pounds of weight capacity.

This rack comes with adjustable J-hooks for safely racking and unracking any standard Olympic size bar, as well as two different styles of safeties, each of which is rated to support the full 1500 lb capacity of the rack itself.

At the top of the rack, there is an adjustable pull-up bar that has an impressive capacity of 600 pounds allowing you to do weighted pull-ups without having to worry.

The pulley system can use a variety of attachments, two of which are included, and the pulley can be run through the top or bottom of the rack allowing for a wide variety of exercises to be performed.

The pulley is designed to support up to 600 pounds and uses standard 3-inch Olympic plates.

  • Massive 1500 pounds capacity for the frame and the safeties
  • Pulley system that can be loaded up to 600 pounds
  • Only fits 3-inch plates

5. Titan T-2 Series Deadlift Cage – Best Squat Rack for Home Gym

If simplicity and reliability are what you’re looking for in your new home gym, then the Titan T2 power rack is a strong contender. This rack boasts an elegantly simple design with very little of the frills of other racks.

The frame is constructed of 2-inch by 2-inch steel uprights, which support up to 700 pounds on the included J-hook style bar supports. At the back of the rack, you’ll find two one and a quarter inch pins, which can be used as plate holders for storage and also increase the overall stability of the rack by giving it a lower center of mass. There’s also a simple chin-up bar at the top of the rack.

The rack is reasonably spacious and has an opening of 44 inches in width and is 26 inches in depth from front to back inside of the rack.

On the outside, the rack takes up 48 inches by 48 inches of floor space and comes in at 83 inches in height, with the pull-up bar being at 80 inches off the ground.

This rack is simple in design and easy to construct, making it great for someone starting a home gym or simply looking for a reliable and minimalist power rack.

The drawback to this is that very few accessories are available, and upgradeability is limited.

  • Simple Rack that can easily perform the basics
  • Few accessories available

Titan T-2 Power Rack

6. Rep Fitness PR-1000 with Dual Pullup Bars – Best Budget Power Rack Under 500

Next in our roundup is the Rep power rack PR 1000, which is an exceptionally strong rack that comes with several included attachments.

This rack has a 1000 pound capacity and is constructed of 2-inch by 2-inch steel that is given a matte black powder coating to increase its durability and give it a cool, sleek look.

The uprights have adjustment points every 2 inches allowing you to get very precise control over where the bar starts and ends the movement. This cage also features two pins at the back of the rack for organizing your weights.

The rack comes with two J-hooks as well as two pull up bars at the top and a dip station that protrudes out of one side of the rack.

The drawback is that this causes the rack to take up substantially more space in your home gym, which is important to be aware of.

The dip station and pull up bars can support up to 400 pounds, and one pull up bar uses a standard grip while the other uses a 2-inch fat grip to help train forearm size and grip strength.

There is a huge variety of additional accessories available for this rack, including an adjustable bench and a pulley system, but it is important to note that the rack comes with no safety catches, which can be very important for people who work out alone in their home gym.

  • Includes dip station and two different pull-up bars
  • Tons of additional accessories available
  • Does not come with safety catches
  • Wider than a standard power rack, especially with dip station attached

Rep Fitness Power Rack PR-1000

7. Merax Athletics Olympic Squat Cage – Best Fitness Power Rack

The last rack on our list is the Merax Athletics Fitness power rack, which boasts a huge variety of included accessories.

The rack has 21 positions for the four included bar supports ranging from 17 and 1/2 inches to 68 inches in height and also includes safety catches for when you are lifting alone.

This rack features a pull-up bar at the top as well as four pins coming out of the sides of the rack to organize plates and keep your home gym clean.

This rack comes with a plethora of accessories, including a dip bar as well as a cable system at the back of the rack, which allows for a wide variety of additional exercises to be performed which can’t be done with free weights alone.

The rack comes with two cable accessories that allow you to perform curls, tricep exercises, lat pull-downs, or low rows, and the pulley system can be weighted using standard plates.

The rack also comes with a foam covered utility bar, which is designed to be used to aid in the use of the pulley system when doing curls or pull-downs.

  • Tons of included accessories
  • Pulley system is designed for 1-inch plates, not Olympic plates

Merax Athletics Power Rack

Buyer’s Guide

Buying the right power rack can make a huge difference not only in what exercises you can perform in the rack but also between safe and unsafe lifting.

There are some factors to keep in mind when choosing a power rack, including what kind of weight capacity it is capable of, what kind of accessories it comes with, and how much space you have available in your home gym to fill with a rack.

Weight Capacity

The first thing to consider when choosing an appropriate power rack is what kind of weight capacity it’s capable of holding. While this may seem simple at first, the numbers involved can be deceptive, so let’s take a look at what exactly capacity means on a power rack.

If a rack says that the frame has an 800-pound capacity, it does not mean that you can safely lift 800 pounds in that rack. If you fail a rep and the bar with all that weight comes crashing down, or if you rerack heavy weights after a set too roughly, it can place more strain on the frame of the rack than the amount of weight that is on the bar alone.

For example, if you squat 300 or more pounds in a rack that has a capacity of 500 pounds, you might be able to damage the rack by putting the bar back too hard.

It’s also important to consider that some racks have safeties that support less weight than the frame as a whole can support. If you plan to lift alone and fail reps on occasion, it’s important to make sure that the rack comes with safety catches that are rated for as much weight as the rack itself.

How much weight capacity you need depends on how strong you are, and while a frame that can support 500 pounds might be enough for someone who only lifts 200 pounds, it would not be enough for someone who plans to squat 400.

The best rule of thumb is to buy a rack that is capable of supporting up to twice your expected loads.

For exceptionally strong athletes, a rack like the Fitness Reality X-class high capacity power cage is an excellent choice as it boasts a frame as well as spotters that can support up to 1500 pounds, meaning you can easily and safely squat over 700 pounds in the rack.


Depending on what kinds of exercises you plan on performing some power racks allow for a much wider variety in your workouts than others.

A barebones rack like a Titan T2 is great for powerlifters or athletes who prize simplicity in their training and typically stick to exercises such as squats and deadlifts.

Others, however, prefer to have much greater variety in their workouts and might like a rack that has a dip station or pulley system.

One such rack is the Rep Fitness PR 1000 power rack as it comes with two pull up bars of different thicknesses to train your grip as well as a dip station.

Additionally, there is a huge variety of optional accessories that can be purchased separately, including pulley systems and adjustable benches.

If you’re looking for a rack that comes with a pulley system already in it, the Merax Athletics Fitness power rack comes with an excellent pulley system and tons of accessories.

The pulley system can be loaded up with standard plates and comes with two different attachments for the pulleys to allow you to use a variety of different grips.

The attachments can be placed on either the top or bottom of the pulley system allowing you to perform exercises ranging from low rows and curls to pulldowns and tricep extensions.

Space Availability

The last thing to consider is how much space you have available for your home gym. If space is at a premium and you’re looking for something that can do the essential exercises, then the Titan T2 power rack is one of the more slender racks on this list while still being sturdy and full-featured.

Most of the racks on this list are roughly the same size and take-up 48 inches by 48 inches of floor space, but remember that the bar itself will stick out from the rack on either side, meaning you’ll need at least a foot and a half of clearance on both sides.

If you plan on adding additional accessories such as a dip station or pulley system to your rack, this will also require even more space.

Final Thought

Hopefully, this guide has cleared up any questions you had regarding power racks and given you food for thought as far as what you plan to put into your home gym.

While simple in design, a power rack is a fundamental part of any home gym and opens up a wide variety of exercises for you to perform in your own home.

No matter which one of the hand-picked racks you decide to choose from our list, we’re sure it will lead to many good years of safe lifting and healthy fitness.

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