Best Exercise Balls 2021 [Pros and Cons]

Best Exercise Balls of 2021

Product TypeFeaturesSizesColorsMaterialWeight capacity 
Trideer Extra Thick Balance Ball Chair (Editor's Choice)Trideer Exercise Ball Extra Thick Yoga Ball ChairExercise ball chairUser manual, foot-pump, plug, plug remover and measuring tape38 - 85 cm19 colorsPVC, free of BPA & heavy metals2200 poundsCheck Price
SmarterLife Products Stability BallSmarterLife Exercise Ball for Yoga, Balance, StabilityBalance/ stability ballHand pump, exact diameter measuring tape, 2 ball plugs, ball plug removal tool, exercise guide and eBook "The 7 Secrets To Your Ideal Body"45 - 75 cmBlack; Blue; Purple; Red; SilverPVC2000 poundsCheck Price
URBNFit Multisizes BallURBNFit Exercise Ball for Fitness, Stability, Balance and YogaFitness ballHand pump, ball plugs, ball plug removal tool and exercise guide45 - 85 cmBlack; Blue; Green; Pink; Purple; Red; Silver; WhitePVC2000 poundsCheck Price
Vivora LunoVivora Luno - Self-Standing Sitting Ball ChairBall chairHand pump22 - 26 in11 colorsFelt400 poundsCheck Price
UR Superior Fitness BallUR Superior Fitness Ball With Resistance Bands and Stability RingExercise ball with bands and ringResistance bands, stability ring and pump26 inSilverPVC600 poundsCheck Price
Valeo Medicine BallValeo Medicine BallMedicine weight ballExercise wall chart8 - 9.5 inVarietyRubber4 - 12 poundsCheck Price

1. Trideer Extra Thick Balance Ball Chair – Most Versatile Multipurpose Ball for Exercises

A concern many people have when thinking about purchasing an exercise ball is possible bursting. They don’t want to put money down something only for it to suddenly be unusable within a month or two of being purchased.

If you are among those concerned about the bursting issue, it may be a good idea to look into Trideer’s Exercise Ball.

Exceptional Anti-Burst Rating

The anti-burst rating for the Trideer Exercise Ball is at 2200 pounds. That’s an incredibly high mark for an exercise ball, and yes, that does make a huge difference.

Because of that high anti-burst rating, you are free to try out all kinds of exercises without worrying that the ball might suddenly pop.

Use It with Confidence

The PVC material used in this exercise ball is also quite thick. It adds a great deal to the exercise ball’s overall durability. You can feel comfortable using this exercise ball regularly, knowing that it’s built to be tough.

Options Aplenty

You can choose from one of five size options for this exercise ball. That’s an important thing to note because it means more people will be able to find a variant of this item that’s compatible with them.

Issues do arise during the inflating process for this exercise ball. You will have to wait at least 24 hours after initial inflation before using this item.

The indicators that tell you if this item is properly inflated are also hard to identify. It will likely take you a while before you can completely familiarize yourself with the inflation process.

  • Remarkably high anti-burst rating should encourage users to use this item regularly
  • Usable for a wide variety of exercises and household applications
  • Thick PVC casing adds a great deal to the item’s durability
  • Numerous size and color options available
  • Inflation process takes a lot of time
  • Traveling with this item is made difficult by time-consuming inflation process

2. SmarterLife Products Stability Ball – Best for Fitness, Yoga and Pilates

Bursting is not really a common issue with modern exercise balls given the way they are designed. Still, you can never be too cautious. If you want an extra-safe item to work with, the Exercise Ball from SmarterLife Products is a good choice.

Deflates for Your Safety

What separates this product from many of its competitors is the way that it reacts in the unlikely event that it does get punctured. Instead of bursting in a manner similar to what would happen to a balloon, this exercise ball deflates.

You may think that deflating instead of popping will not make a huge difference, but that’s not the case. For instance, if you’re in the middle of exercising and the ball suddenly bursts, you won’t just collapse to the ground. Your descent will be gradual, and you’ll avoid injury in the process.

Admirable Durability

I also wouldn’t be overly worried about this exercise ball bursting anyway. It’s anti-burst rating of 2000 pounds is just a notch behind the first item we discussed.

On top of that, the PVC covering for this exercise ball is also suitably thick and offers adequate resistance to scratches.

That durability again frees you up to use this exercise ball in a variety of ways. Feel free to experiment until you find the one you’re most comfortable with.

Unfortunately, this exercise ball also comes with its own set of inflating issues. The pump and the plugs can be quite difficult to work with. You should go ahead and inflate this item in the same area where you’ll be using it most often to save yourself the trouble.

  • Very safe to use because it deflates instead of bursts
  • Anti-burst rating is solid
  • PVC covering feels thick and will not be scratched easily
  • Exercise guide included with the ball helps you get started right away
  • Except problems with inflation because of the troublesome pump and plugs

SmarterLife Exercise Balls

3. URBNFit Multisizes Ball – Best for Balance, Stability and Workout

Part of the challenge of using an exercise ball is balancing yourself properly on top of it. You’ll have to use the right muscle groups and exhibit the right type of posture to make sure you’re not moving all over the place.

That’s a tough ask for beginners, but it’s also one of the reasons why the Exercise Ball from URBNFit can be a good purchase.

Designed for Greater Stability

You’ll notice that many exercise balls have lines on the cover. Those are designed to prevent them from slipping underneath you. With this item, those lines are more prominent, and they really dig into the ground to help keep you in place.

That design makes you feel more secure, and it also enables you to be more adventurous when it comes to the types of exercises you perform. Even if you don’t keep most of your body weight on top of this exercise ball, you can rest assured that it will remain in place.

Provides Great Form and Function

The PVC casing is suitably thick, and the manufacturers also give you great color options to choose from. It’s always nice to be able to exercise in style. The anti-burst rating is also set at 2000 pounds – a great mark for any exercise ball.

Once again, though, you should prepare yourself for pump-related issues. The pump will take some getting used to, and you may need to use it for a while to get the ball properly inflated. It’s also not a particularly durable pump, and you may have to replace it after a while.

  • Offers great stability and security for anyone using it
  • Anti-burst rating is more than acceptable
  • There’s a nice variety in the available color options
  • PVC casing features good durability
  • Included pump is not well-designed, and you will likely have to replace it after some time

4. Vivora Luno – Premium Ball for Home, Office and Gym

Most people buy exercise balls because they want to get in shape, but it’s worth pointing out that they can be useful in other ways. Once you get comfortable using them, they can serve as additional pieces of furniture in your home.

If you get a stylish one like the Exercise Ball from Vivora Luno, you can even turn it into a focal point of your home or office setting.

A Distinctive Look

Much like the earlier exercise balls we talked about, the one from Vivora Luno is also made out of PVC, but that’s not the only material used.

This exercise ball comes with a cover made out of felt. Along with looking stylish, the felt cover makes it easier for you to stay on this exercise ball for an extended period of time because the material will not feel hot on your skin.

It’s not a perfect cover, though, as the prominent lines woven into it can sometimes dig into your skin. Take the time to find the right seating position first to avoid that problem.

The inflating process with this exercise ball is still a bit of an issue, but it’s not quite as troublesome as is the case with the products we discussed previously.

Limited Choices

Instead of the inflating issue, though, the one you may end up having is related to the size options. Only two sizes are available – a smaller one at around 65 cm and a larger one at 75 cm – meaning it will be harder for some people to get comfortable on this exercise ball. The paucity of size options is regrettable and works against an otherwise very solid product.

  • Stylish and comfortable felt cover sets this exercise ball apart
  • Handle attached to the cover makes moving this exercise ball around easy
  • Inflating process is not a troublesome affair
  • Works well in place of an office chair
  • Limited size options mean many users will struggle to get comfortable on this exercise ball

5. UR Superior Fitness Ball – Top Rated Product with Resistance Bands and Stability Ring

Most exercise balls are designed to help you strengthen your core muscles. They aren’t really suited for toning your arms and building up strength in those parts of your body. That’s not the case with the Exercise Ball from UR Superior, however.

Accessories Add Great Value

What I appreciate the most about this item is that it comes bundled together with some truly helpful accessories. The resistance bands work great for focusing on your arms and shoulders, and you can use them for a long time thanks to the cushioned handles. The stability ring ensures that you won’t be injured because of the ball suddenly slipping underneath you.

You also get a poster that features over 100 different exercises you can try. The pump included along with this exercise ball also works just fine.

Still, I would avoid performing high-intensity exercises that involve the exercise ball moving up and down. Its anti-burst rating is at 600 pounds.

That’s an acceptable mark, but that also indicates that this exercise ball is more susceptible to popping compared to the other items.

Built to Handle Regular Usage

As long as you avoid putting too much pressure on this exercise ball, it should last for a long time in your home. The PVC casing is durable, and it cannot be punctured easily by a sharp object.

Similar to the product above, though, sizing options for this item are limited. The only option available is a 65-centimeter ball.

That’s a mid-range size option for an exercise ball, so it’s still catering to a broad market. Even so, many users will likely be unable to get completely comfortable while using this item.

  • The accessories included with this exercise ball are ones you’ll use a lot
  • PVC cover is not easily damaged
  • Inflating this exercise ball is a relatively easy process
  • This exercise ball is available in only one size

6. Valeo Medicine Ball – Helps to Improve Your Body in Different Ways

The last product we’ll review in this article is the Valeo Medicine Ball. It’s different from the items we’ve already discussed because it’s not something you’re supposed to sit or lean on. This item is best used as something you lift and move around while performing a variety of exercises.

A Different Feel

As soon as you pick up this medicine ball and hold it in your hands, you’ll notice its textured surface. If you’ve ever held a basketball before, then the texture will feel familiar. The pebble pattern ensures that you will be able to grip this medicine ball firmly.

Won’t Slip from Your Grip

That textured surface will come in very handy if you tend to get sweaty forearms and hands while exercising. With many medicine balls, your sweat will make them more difficult to hold on to, but that doesn’t apply here.

Finger treads have also been added to the medicine ball to further lower the chances that this item will slip from your hands while you’re exercising.

Choose the Option You’re Most Compatible with

Five different size and color options are available, although the size you choose will also determine the color pattern for the medicine ball. The available sizes are four pounds, six pounds, eight pounds, 10 pounds, and 12 pounds. You should be able to find one from that range that will be compatible with your current strength level.

Be warned, though. This medicine ball has a strong odor that is very off-putting. The smell will fade as you use the medicine ball more, but it’s still an unpleasant thing to deal with.

  • Textured surface makes handling this medicine ball incredibly easy
  • Finger treads are also added to help you hold on to this item
  • You’ll be able to choose from a decent amount of size options
  • It will exude an unpleasant odor the first few times you use it

Buyer’s Guide

In order to find out which exercise ball will be most compatible with you, it’s best first to understand this unique item. This buyer’s guide will shed more light on how exercise balls work.

You’ll also learn more about how to properly pick the right size of the exercise ball in this section of the article.

Without further ado, let’s get to the meat of this buyer’s guide.

What Is the Anti-Burst Rating?

I included an anti-burst rating in the comparison table and also referenced it a few times while discussing the items above for a good reason. The anti-burst rating is one of the specs you’ll want to look at before you buy any exercise ball.

The anti-burst rating is one of the factors that determine an exercise ball’s durability. You want to see a high anti-burst rating on an exercise ball so that you can feel comfortable whenever you’re using it.

If that rating’s on the low side, then you’ll likely worry a lot about the exercise ball possibly bursting at any moment.

So, what is a good anti-burst rating for an exercise ball?

According to Physio Works, a good number to keep in mind in terms of evaluating the anti-burst rating for an exercise ball is 500.

To be more specific, the aforementioned site notes that an exercise ball should have an anti-burst rating of at least 500 kilograms for safety reasons. That translates to about 1100 pounds.

Exercise balls with an anti-burst rating at that number or higher are safer to work with. They also feature greater durability. They will be able to hold up for a longer time even when used regularly for high-intensity workouts, including those where you’ll be using weights.

From my experience of using exercise balls, I wouldn’t say that the only ones worth getting are those with ratings over 1100 pounds. An exercise ball that has an anti-burst rating of 600 will still work fine. You just have to be more careful with how you use it.

Physio Works also reminds shoppers that many exercise balls that come without specific anti-burst ratings likely have low ones. Some of those exercise balls are still quality products, but you won’t be able to perform as many activities with them.

Why Is PVC the Material of Choice for Creating Exercise Balls?

You probably noticed that the majority of the products I reviewed earlier were made out of PVC. The truth is that most exercise balls are fashioned out of that material, and there are good reasons why that is the case.

According to Creative Mechanisms, the flexible variant of PVC has often been used in insulation, flooring, and it also serves often as a substitute for rubber. Exercise ball manufacturers likely love using PVC because it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to find. This material can also be recycled, which adds to its appeal.

Those qualities are helpful to manufacturers, but what about the buyers? Is the widespread usage of PVC in exercise balls beneficial to us? The answer to that question is a resounding yes.

I said earlier that the anti-burst rating is just one of the things that determine how durable an exercise ball is. If you see that PVC has been used to make the exercise ball eyeing, that means you’re looking at a durable item.

Hunker points out that PVC features terrific resistance to oxidative reactions. On top of that, PVC is also highly resistant to acid.

The fact that PVC can withstand acidic materials very well affects its durability significantly. Even if you’re someone who sweats buckets while exercising, you won’t have to worry about your perspiration damaging an exercise ball made out of PVC. You will still want to wipe the exercise ball after using it because you don’t want any odor sticking to it, but it’s also nice to know that your sweat isn’t going to leave lasting damage.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Exercise Ball?

Now that we understand more about the exercise ball and its makeup let’s turn our attention to what it actually does for us when we’re using it. As it turns out, exercise balls can help us in a lot of ways.

They Help Strengthen Your Core

Exercise with BallYou’ve probably heard something about exercise balls being helpful in terms of strengthening your core. That shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Whenever you’re sitting on top of an exercise ball or even just using it for something like planking, you have to balance yourself well on it. To do that, you need to engage your core muscles.

Core muscles are often overlooked when people work out, but it is essential to strengthen and condition them as well.

With stronger core muscles, you are reducing your risk level for injury. People who “pull something” when they bend their bodies or just overextend their limbs typically have weaker core muscles.

Strengthening your core will help you avoid all kinds of injuries. That’s a pretty good reason to get an exercise ball.

They Help Provide Relief for Back Pain

Exercise Ball and Back PainBack pain is a common problem these days. That’s an inevitable byproduct of people having to spend more time in front of the computer for school and/or work-related purposes.

It’s tough dealing with back pain, and that’s why an exercise ball is a good item to get for people suffering from that.

Many people who have back pain may find it difficult to even start exercising, but that’s precisely why an exercise ball is so helpful. By using one while exercising, you ensure that your lower back is always supported, thus alleviating the pain to at least some degree.

If you want to lift some weights while exercising, do that while you’re seated on an exercise ball to relieve the pressure that may be directed at that part of your body.

Even if it’s called an exercise ball, you can still use it for other purposes. If your back pain is constant, try getting an exercise ball for your home or office and use that instead of a more conventional chair.

You should be able to feel more comfortable sitting down because your back is better supported by the exercise ball.

They Help Make Working Out More Enjoyable

Staying in shape is a challenge for many people because they don’t enjoy the many conventional forms of exercise. It’s possible that lifting weights may cause them too much pain, and they’re not interested enough in a sport to play it regularly. An exercise ball could help them a lot because it changes up working out so much.

The amount of stress places on your body is reduced if you work out with an exercise ball. You can also try all kinds of exercises with it until you find one that you like.

Finding any kind of exercise that you can have fun with is crucial to you being able to stay in shape long-term. There’s a chance that you’ll finally be able to enjoy working out with an exercise ball helping you.

How Big Is the Exercise Ball That I Will Need?

There is no such thing as an exercise ball that can be useful to everyone. These items come in varied sizes, and you need to pick the right one if you want to get the most out of your purchase.

This article from features a chart that shows you which size exercise ball is most compatible for people in a specific height range.

For those who are shorter than five feet, an exercise ball with a diameter of 45 centimeters will serve them well. People who range in height from 5’1” to 5’8” will benefit most from using an exercise ball that measures 55 centimeters. 65 cm exercise balls are compatible with people who are in the 5’9” to 6’2” range, while individuals in the 6’3” to 6’7” range will need a 75-centimeter exercise ball. If you’re 6’8” or taller, you should look for an exercise ball that measures 85 centimeters.

You can also judge how well an exercise ball fits you by looking at some other factors. For instance, your feet should be able to rest flat on the floor if you have a properly sized exercise ball, and your pelvis and shoulders should also be aligned.

If your kid sees you using an exercise ball and decides that he/she wants to get one too, get a 45 cm ball. That should work well for their shorter frame.

What Are Exercises You Can Perform on an Exercise Ball?

All kinds of exercises are possible with an exercise ball, but you shouldn’t try the complicated stuff too early.

VeryWellFit has some suggestions for exercises that beginners can try out. Ball marches involve you sitting and balancing yourself on the ball while you’re mimicking a marching motion with your feet. You need only to lift one foot at a time and gradually increase how high you raise them as you go longer.

Planking is another form of exercise you can try, but remember to start with your knees on the ground and your forearms on the ball, according to Healthline. After that, you can extend and straighten out the rest of your body to force your core muscles to start working.

The dumbbell pullover is a more advanced form of exercise. You need to sit on top of the ball first and then slowly move your feet away and lower your back until the ball is positioned underneath it. Follow that by holding the dumbbells up in the air and then pulling them over your head. Repeat the motions for as long as you can, but don’t forget to take some breaks.


The exercise ball is one of the most useful and versatile workout tools you’ll ever find. No matter what type of workouts you prefer, this item will be helpful to you.

Just remember to pick a durable exercise ball that fits your frame well, and you should be fine. You don’t even need to use them for working out all the time. The exercise ball will remain beneficial even while serving as a piece of furniture.

Hopefully, this article has helped you see the value of an exercise ball and why it’s a good idea to get one. I also hope you enjoy only the best results from using that unique example of exercise equipment.

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